We must all unite and support everyone fighting this cause. Please support these others camps fighting on the front lines of injustice! Donate to them if you can, reach out to them, be present with them.  We cannot accomplish all the we need to do without each other. Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean. If you have a camp that is not listed or own land and would like to start a camp please contact us and we will get it on the list. All Camps are responsible for their own donations.


Wakpa Waste Camp - Cheyenne River Sioux South Dakota

Native Roots Camp - Cheyenne River Sioux South Dakota

Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp - New Jersey

Camp White Pine - Pennsylvania

Good Hearted People Camp - Oklahoma

Wekalaka Camp - Oklahoma

Camp Promise- Michigan

Turtle Island Camp - Minnesota

Cotoname Village - Texas

Camp Toyahvale - Texas

Unist'ot'en Camp - BC Canada

Laz U'ula Camp - BC Canada

UK Fracking Camps

Hopi Water Project - Arizona

Camp Constellation - New York

L'eau Est La Vie Camp - Louisiana

3 Fire Alliance Camp - Michigan

Wolf Camp - Minnesota - Info coming soon!

Ma'iingan Prayer and Cultural Camp - Minnesota

Makwa Camp - Minnesota

Wiconi Un Tipi Camp- South Brule South Dakota



Sacred Stone/ Oceti Camp/ Rose Bud - Standing Rock - North Dakota

2 Rivers Camp - Texas

Crystal Waters Camp - Florida

Gadadi Camp - Arkansas

Lancaster Stand - Pennsylvania

Little Creek Camp - Iowa

Wolves Den - Michigan


Please visit our WaterWays Action Map for locations of camps!