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How close is the fossil fuel industry to your home? It's a question we should all ask. Thanks to Drilling Maps you can now know the answers! I hope you're ready...



Is your water poisoned? Ever watch the movie Erin Brockovich? Chromium-6 is a deadly chemical tainting water systems everywhere. Does your water have Chromium-6? 



Most have heard of lead poisoning the waters of Flint Michigan. But do you know if there is lead in your water? Are you being poisoned by lead too?



You may have heard of Teflon right? Did you know that a chemical associated with it is highly toxic in very small doses? The chemical is called perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), often referred to as PFCs. Are these chemicals in your water?




How about arsenic? Unfortunately there is not an interactive map for this but here's an idea for you about arsenic in your water.



Do you live near toxic waste? Is your home close to where toxic chemicals from factories and landfills were dumped for decades, polluting the surrounding soil, water and air?



The Great Lakes comprise the largest chain of lakes in the world. They contain more than 20% of the earth’s surface freshwater and 95% of the surface freshwater in the United States. The Enbridge Line 5 is an aging pipeline putting these lakes at risk. Where does Line 5 pipeline actually go?



We cannot stress the importance of protecting our rivers and streams. Many people around the world get all or at least some of their drinking water from rivers and streams. Does your water come from a river or stream?



Here's something that is just a great tool for anyone all over the world! How would you find clean water in the case of a disaster? You'll be surprised!