Good Hearted People Camp - Oklahoma

The Good Hearted People camp is a spiritual, prayerful, peaceful camp for water protectors, land defenders, and our allies from across the land. Our purpose is to educate our relatives about the histories that brought us to where we are today, to decolonize and indigenize, to exchange stories and knowledge with other nations, to walk in prayer with those who come to visit, and to heal our people from the historical traumas resulting from colonization. This camp is meant for those who want to unite in a peaceful and non-violent way to build a better future for Oklahoman generations to come. Please join us!


What are they fighting?-

 fighting to defeat the Diamond Pipeline


Can you go to camp?-

Yes! They currently need water protectors!


Where is camp?



What to expect at camp-

Camp Rules:
*No weapons
*Come in prayer
*No drugs or alcohol
*No bad energy/vibes
*We center indigenous voices & leadership
*The camp is non-violent, anything done outside of the camp is the individual's responsibility
*Work ethic
*This is Chahta land
*Bring love ♥


How you can help camp-

Go to camp! Donate! You can donate directly to camp HERE!

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