L'eau Est La Vie Camp - Louisiana

Camp is set in the bayous of Louisiana, their water and way of life is under threat, and They need your support. They have built the L’eau Est La Vie camp to protect their water and their way of life from the Bayou Bridge pipeline.

What are they fighting?-

This camp is fighting hard against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. This pipeline is owned by Energy Transfer Partners, same owners of the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Can you go to camp?-

Please email camp  at [email protected] for more info on visiting camp.



Where is camp?-

The camp is located in the bayou of Louisiana. Camp does not release exact location until you have contacted them with interested to help. This is to keep infiltrators out of camp.


How can you help camp?-

Reach out to them and go to camp. Donate to them HERE    Check out their wish list HERE and send supplies to camp. Sign up HERE to receive info on camp. If you live in Louisiana you can sign up HERE to canvass door to door against the BBP.

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