Community Dinner, Toy Drive for Wakpala Youth & Legal Update (Dec 12 Bismark ND)
6:30 PM18:30

Community Dinner, Toy Drive for Wakpala Youth & Legal Update (Dec 12 Bismark ND)

  • Unitarian Universalist Fellowship & Church of Bismarck-Mandan (map)
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Join us at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship & Church of Bismarck-Mandan to share a meal and letter writing for currrently incarceratated Water Protectors.

From now until December 15th we ask community members to donate to the Wakpala Youth Toy Drive ! (( )). 

There are 250 children between Head Start to 12th grade and the organizers of this coat and toy drive want to ensure everyone has a gift this holiday. Please give Toys, Coats and Shoes, in all size for youth. 
In addtion turkey donations are being sought for the 135 homes in Wakpala, Standing Rock. 

Up until December 15th you can drop off toy and clothing donations at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bismarck- Mandan or call Laura at 605.230.9085 !

poster listed below!

At dinner we will have a Water Protector legal update for both the state and federal cases. In addition we'll share what kind of communty support is actively being solicited from Water Protectors at the moment, as well as outlining court support for the upcoming months of trials.

Lastly, we will close the evening with letter writing to currently incarcerated Water Protectors; their adddresses and links to donate to their commissaries are below!

Dion Ortiz
Sandoval County Jail
1100 Montoya Road
Bernalillo, NM 87004

Michael Giron
Heart of America Corrections
110 Industrial road
Rugby, ND 58368

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The Ghost of Woodstock
5:55 PM17:55

The Ghost of Woodstock

  • Standing Rock, ND Cannon Ball, North Dakota 58538 (map)
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We the people, PROTECT THE PROTECTORS with knowledge of the law, as written.

THUNDERBIRD BOOGIE with the cast and crew on a fast track, from the lowest court in Mandan, ND all the way to the Supreme Court, with an UNPRECEDENTED challenge of NO JURISDICTION.

Come, and join the jubilation of pre-production for the next historic event at Standing Rock.

The Ghost of Woodstock. Your FREEDOM ticket in?

A lack of "subject matter jurisdiction" FILED on and for the record, on the behalf of you or another "person" 

Your god given rights also allow you to enter The Ghost of Woodstock by using your liberty to cut up a license for a "driver" at the door

We the people, accuse Donald Trump of TREASON and seek RESTITUTION NOT RETRIBUTION for LaDonna Bravebull and her prayer Warriors.

'Mercy rejoices over judgement'

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3rd Annual Water Blessing & Healing Walk (Aug 11th- New Town, ND)
to Aug 12

3rd Annual Water Blessing & Healing Walk (Aug 11th- New Town, ND)

  • Antelope Society Little Shell Arbor (map)
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In the face of the Trump Administration fast tracking dangerous pipelines and new fossil fuel development that will put Indigenous and Black and Brown communities at risk, The Indigenous Environmental Network, P.O.W.E.R and grassroots activists from across the nation will gather for the Third Annual Healing Walk in the heart of the Bakken Oil Formation where oil is sourced for pipelines like the Dakota Access and Bayou Bridge Pipelines. In addition to the healing walk, a seminar and a toxic tour of the Bakken Oil Formation will take place.

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Standing Rock Film Festival
to May 7

Standing Rock Film Festival

  • Prairie Knights Casino and Resort (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The Standing Rock Nation Film Festival will be an event for people to come together as well as a media hub for the many filmmakers and videographers that have voiced support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the thousands of water protectors from around the globe. 

The Standing Rock Nation Film Festival aims to continue the momentum created by the over 500 Native American Nations, Bands, Communities & Water Protector Allies who came together at Standing Rock. The struggle is not over - Standing Rock is just the beginning and we are Still Standing Strong With Standing Rock.

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Indigenous Flood - United Nations : NYC - Come to New York!
to May 5

Indigenous Flood - United Nations : NYC - Come to New York!

The Flood never came to Standing Rock, so let's bring the Flood to the United Nations. 

From April 24th to May 5th the United Nations in New York City is holding the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, also known as PFII. Typically, these forums lack Native American representation, and often have Non-Natives speaking on behalf of Natives and their issues. This ends now. 

For two weeks, we need to show New York, The UN, and the world that Indigenous People are here, and can speak for themselves. 

The world will not forget what happened at Standing Rock. The world will no longer ignore the conditions on reservations, and the issues effecting indigenous people around the globe. 3/4 of the world's population are indigenous, and it's time they stop forgetting that. 

There are multiple levels of events within this forum, some more exclusive than others. We want to come out in full force at every level. From top to bottom. From panels at the UN headquarters to flash mob round dances in Time Square, we are going to Flood New York City. 

Whether you are registered for the forum or not, we are asking for all indigenous people and allies to come to New York City and show your support. As the strongest of warriors take the United Nations to speak, they will have the support of their brothers and sisters outside, praying, singing, marching and standing in solidarity. 

Thousands came to Standing Rock. Thousands came to DC. And we can do the same in New York City. 

We are planning a plethora of events, from demonstrations, to speaking engagements, to gatherings and dances and celebrations. For two weeks, let's make New York City our new home. 

More details to come as this develops and grows. 

If you would like to register your own group for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (PFII) in New York City.

Deadline March 30th 2017

Inexpensive Bus resources :

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Meet the Water Protectors Series
6:00 PM18:00

Meet the Water Protectors Series

  • Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library (map)
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Please join us and "Meet the Water Protectors," Series Thursday, March 30th at the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library.

Brought to you by Dakota Resource Council, Sacred Pipe Resource Center, Honor the Earth and North Dakota Human Rights Coalition. 

Speakers include:
Winona LaDuke, Executive Director - Honor the Earth
Waylon Heldegard, AFL-CIO & 
Rebecca Kemble, Alder of the City of Madison, WI
"Why are our deputies going to be on the other side? This community knows the importance of supporting treaty rights, of protecting the water and sacred site. Water defines us."

Rebecca Kemble is also a writer for the Progressive magazine and holds leadership positions in the international worker cooperative movement.

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