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Rally at Wells Fargo: Divest From KXL & Dirty Pipelines! (Nov 30 San Francisco CA)

  • 464 California St San Francisco, CA 94104 (map)

On November 30th, join us as we rally at Wells Fargo’s headquarters in San Francisco to demand that they divest from Keystone XL and other dirty pipelines. We will be delivering the tens of thousands of letters and divestment pledges from across the country to their doorstep, and we will make it clear that our movement will only grow louder and stronger if Wells Fargo fails to act now. 

Big banks like Wells Fargo help fund the companies behind dangerous fossil fuel pipelines — like Keystone XL, Line 3, and Dakota Access — that threaten Indigenous rights, the climate, and communities. If your money is invested with Wells Fargo and other Wall Street banks like them, it can be helping to fund these harmful projects that may not align with your values. 

That’s why people all across the country have been demanding Wells Fargo divest from dirty pipelines, and even moving their own money out of the bank due to their failure to act. Just this year alone, more than 100,000 people have sent letters to Wells Fargo urging them not to fund Keystone XL or other dangerous pipelines, and more than 20,000 have pledged to divest from or boycott Wells Fargo and other big banks financing fossil fuels. 

Wells Fargo has an opportunity to move away from the financial and reputational risks of supporting dirty pipelines. This week, the preferred route for Keystone XL was rejected and another route was advanced -- one that TransCanada, the company behind the project, has called unworkable. This pipeline has already been stopped and delayed for nearly a decade, and we will continue to fight back no matter what happens. Wells Fargo and others continue to loan billions of dollars to TransCanada, including two loans totaling $1.5 billion that are up for renewal this December. This is a clear opportunity for Wells Fargo to cut off these loans and end its investments in tar sands projects. 

We need to show Wells Fargo that they will continue to be held publicly accountable for their investments. See you there!