Water Is Life Movement

Standing Rock - North Dakota

As we all know on February 22, the Oceti Oyate camp, formerly known as Oceti Sakowin, Sacred Stone Camp as well as all other camps on treaty land claimed by the US Army Corps, were ordered to evacuate.




We must continue to support the legal actions of Standing Rock! Please donate to the Legal Fund HERE


Camps at Standing Rock have given so many, including myself, the courage to stand up against big oil companies and have paved the way for communities to stand together. They have led by positive example and should continue to be supported!

More info on Standing Rock

Little Creek Prayer Camp - Iowa

The Mission and Path- 

Little Creek Prayer Camps mission is to implement a sustainable and self-sufficient community rooted in indigenous thought and practice.

They are a peaceful, environmentally progressive "think tank" rooted in indigenous thought and practice. They will utilize sustainable technology and infrastructure and traditional indigenous agricultural practices. Theyl value education from traditional indigenous teachers, academic educators, and community experts. Indigenous systems of democratic governance will be the foundation for the community.  Community members may be engaged in events or organized actions that protect our Earth Mother and sacred water, but do so representing only themselves and not the community. 


The idea of this camp was conceived by members of Indigenous Iowa in an attempt to carry on the momentum of Standing Rock. They will accomplish this by continuing to apply public pressure on the Iowa Utility Board, the Iowa Legislature and to support the resistance against the Trump administration. They are also here to continue the fight against the Dakota access pipeline that goes straight from Northwest Iowa to Southeast Iowa and under the Mississippi River. The pipeline might be completed in this state but we will continue to prevent any further expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. 

Watch this video about Little Creek Prayer Camp:

Visiting Camp-

Yes this camp is currently accepting water protectors 


Where is camp?-

1904 county Highway 52

Williamsburg IA 52361


What to expect at camp?-

Please come self sufficient, bring your own supplies to sustain yourself. You are required to sign a waiver when you arrive. This is to protect the camp and the land owner. Be ready to work! Every camp needs help with everyday chores.


How you can help right now-

DONATE! Without our donations this camp cannot continue so please support as much as you can! DONATE HERE


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More info on Indigenous Iowa



Wakpa Waste Camp - South Dakota

Wakpa Waste ( wak pa wash the) - good river camp is on the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation originally a place for displaced water protectors after the forced removal of camps on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation where they stood for months resisting and fighting Dakota Access Pipeline.


What are they fighting?-

This camp still fights DAPL, they are fighting to protect their land against the Keystone Pipeline and are fighting to stop Uranium mining and fracking in the sacred Black Hills.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes, this camp is in need of water protectors!


Where is camp?-

Camp is in Eagle Butte, South Dakota


How you can help camp-

Go to camp and stand on the front lines of this fight!

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Donate to camp by buying a T-shirt!

Native Roots Camp - South Dakota

Amos and Phyllis Bald Eagle invite all water protectors to Native Roots Camp on their family's land on the Cheyenne River Tribe Reservation near Howes, South Dakota. This is a Gathering for water protectors to heal- body, mind, and spirit. Along with teaching the traditional Lakota Way of living, they will also be creating a small organic farm and green house. This is a community effort and they look forward to sharing this experience with all of their tiospaye - that means You! their goal is to bring back Their way of life by teaching the youth and allies - from their hearts to yours.


What are they fighting?-

This camp stands against the Keystone pipeline which is planned to run very near their Tribal Home and Lands.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes! They are in need of water protectors!


Where is camp?-

The camp is located on the Cheyenne River Reservation near Howes, South Dakota


How you can help camp-

Go to camp! Go and help defend these lands! 

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Lancaster Stand - Pennsylvania

Still in its beginning stages, The Lancaster Stand will be a large-scale encampment, hosted on a private farm along the banks of the Conestoga River in southern Lancaster County, PA.


What are they fighting?-

The encampment will be a peaceful gathering place formed in opposition to the construction of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline. The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline is a proposed project by Williams Partners.  Williams Partners is a multi-billion dollar natural gas transportation and processing corporation based in Tulsa Oklahoma.  The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, if constructed, would disrupt preserved farms, precious woodlands, and families' homes - with no benefit for Lancaster County. 


Can you come to camp?

No camp is currently closed


What to expect at camp-

They ask that all who participate in camp adhere to these principles:

Core Values:

• “We the people” hold the power.

• “We the people” includes all of us.

• “We the people” have a moral duty to stand against corporate greed.

• “We the people” will defend our families, the land, the water, and future generations.


Strategic Principles

• Our actions are rooted in our core values.

• Our actions aim to expose a system rigged in favor of billionaires and big business at the expense of people and planet.

• Our actions will involve mass participation whenever possible.

• Our actions will be creative, disciplined, and nonviolent.


How you can help the camp-

Donate!  Any thing helps get this fight fully up and functioning. Donate to camp HERE


Go to camp and volunteer. Help build this camp from the ground up!

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More info on The Lancaster Stand


Hopi Water Project - Arizona

Right now the Hopi are battling a water crisis. Arsenic in Hopis’ water is twice the EPA limit, and it is making them sick! The tribe estimates about three-quarters of the 7,000 people living on Hopi land are drinking arsenic-tainted water.

The Hopi Tribe filed a federal suit against the U.S. government, claiming it was part of the federal government’s trust responsibility to provide safe drinking water to the tribe. The tribe relied on the Winters Doctrine, which requires the government to reserve sufficient water to support a reservation when it sets aside land for a tribe. But the court found that this doctrine only implied a duty to prevent outsiders from diverting or sullying a tribe’s water supply. So unfortunately the Appeals Court ruled against the Hopis in April of 2015.

As of now many Hopi boil the water first before using it. While that diminishes the taste of the chlorine that the tribe uses to fight the arsenic, it does nothing to reduce the arsenic level in the water.


Please watch this video about the Hopi Water Project:











How you can help the Hopi-

Donate! Click HERE to donate to the Hopi Water Project

Send water! These people are in desperate need for water that doesn’t contain poison. Water donations can be sent here: 

PO BOX 1338
Snowflake AZ, 85937

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More info on the Hopi Water Crisis

Unist'ot'en Camp - Canada

The Unist’ot’en Camp is an indigenous re-occupation of Wet’suwet’en land in northern BC, Canada. The camp stands serves a checkpoint to keep out industry that has not been given consent to come onto the territory (e.g., workers for the Pacific Trail and Enbridge Northern Gateway pipelines). 


About the People-

Unis’tot’en – People of the Headwaters

The Unis’tot’en (C’ihlts’ehkhyu / Big Frog Clan) are the original Wet’suwet’enYintah Wewat Zenli distinct to the lands of the Wet’suwet’en. Over time in Wet’suwet’en History, the other clans developed and were included throughout Wet’suwet’en Territories. The Unis’tot’en are known as the toughest of the Wet’suwet’en as their territories were not only abundant, but the terrain was known to be very treacherous. The Unis’tot’en recent history includes taking action to protect their lands from Lions Gate Metals at their Tacetsohlhen Bin Yintah, and building a cabin and resistance camp at Talbits Kwah at Gosnell Creek and Wedzin Kwah (Morice River which is a tributary to the Skeena and Bulkley River) from seven proposed pipelines from Tar Sands Gigaproject and LNG from the Horn River Basin Fracturing Projects in the Peace River Region.

These are peaceful people who live off the land and are being threatened by many aspects of the oil industry. From pipelines to fracking to tar sands, they are gearing up to stand against Trans Canada which has a pipeline due for construction in 2017.


They need our help! Please watch this video about Unist’ot’en Camp


Going to Unist’ot’en Camp-

People are welcome to volunteer at the Camp. 

The first step is to apply online HERE. The person is then contacted for an initial vetting and to discuss timing, transportation, etc. Once that's all settled, when the person arrives at the Camp they go through what's called "The free, prior and informed consent protocol". Essentially they are asked a series of questions to do with their intentions and potential contributions and are informed of the Camp rules. The Unist'ot'en then decide whether to allow them in. (Sounds harsh but no one would just be turned away and left in the bush. If they were refused entry due to their association with industry or government for example, at worst they would be escorted back to the nearest town.) The camp is located on a forest road 1200 km (740 mi) by road from Vancouver, BC and about 130 km from the town of Smithers.


Whats expected at camp-

People are expected to contribute labor and funds. Many people bring food contributions rather than significant money.

Some people come for just a few days, others stay for weeks or months.

Each year there are special times when there are greater numbers in Camp.

They are encouraging people to come in April this year. Spring melt will be underway then and with the Provincial election scheduled for early May there is concern that there will be a push by the pipeline companies. Our provincial government has been a big booster of the fracked gas industry and so far they have little to show for all their rhetoric. 

May is always work camp. We will be trying to complete the Healing Lodge at that time. Anyone willing to work is welcome on the construction site but obviously anyone with trades skills is particularly appreciated. I'm the construction coordinator so if you're aware of anyone interested in helping with construction please cc me on any information exchange.

Each July there is an Action Camp. Usually about a week long, this camp combines work with various workshops on topics such as decolonization, security culture, non-violent direct action, reports from other front lines, etc.


How you can help Unist’ot’en Camp-

Donate! Currently they are constructing a healing lodge and any funds will help! Here’s a link to donate to the camp.

Send supplies to camp, the camp has an active list of need supplies HERE. Please follow the instructions on how to send supplies so they reach the proper place.

Go volunteer at camp! If you feel the call to come and help here’s the link to register. They need our help to protect their land we must all join together as one.

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More info on Unist'ot'en Camp

2 Rivers Camp - Texas

The Society of Native Nations (SNN) has been asked by the Big Bend Defense Coalition of Alpine, TX and the surrounding communities in West Texas to help stop the Trans Pecos Pipeline. The camp has been named "Two Rivers Camp", known as "La Junta de los Rios" by the local native communities such as the Jumano, Apache and Conchos People.The Trans Pecos Pipeline (TPPL) is owned by Kelcy Warren, billionaire and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, the same company that owns the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. The TPPL is a fracked gas pipeline that is being built through west Texas. It will go under The Rio Grande River into Mexico where the gas will be exported to various foreign countries. One hundred and forty three (143) miles of this pipeline is considered "intra-state," which means it requires NO environmental, archaeological, socioeconomic, safety, routing or other studies or impact assessments have to be taken into consideration. UPDATE ON 2 RIVERS CAMP! THEY ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING WATER PROTECTORS AS THEY ARE TRANSITIONING CAMP TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION! PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT AND STAND BY FOR FURTHER UPDATES!


Here’s why we must fight the Trans-Pecos Pipeline:

1) It will gothrough the Chihuahuan Desert, which is one of the three most 

biologically diverse arid regions in the world. 

2)  It will destroy the delicate ecology on both sides of the border. 

3) It will go under the Rio Grande. In the event of a leak or an explosion, the 

methane from the gas could infiltrate the water aquifer that sits just 50

feet below the Rio Grande

4) and IF completed, FRACKING will begin to take place, 

This will bring on a whole new set of water contamination issues to a 

water source that is already scarce to the area there. 

5) The pressure testing of the pipeline ALONE is also going to use millions

of gallons of water.


Energy Transfer Partners (company also behind DAPL) has forcibly taken land from 34 local landowners in the name of eminent domain, a legal process that should only be used to benefit the public. The Society of Native Nations has committed to assist the Big Bend Defense Coalition by helping to create a camp that will provide a base for Water Protectors to come help stop this pipeline. It is time for all of us to Stand Up and Speak Out against these greedy profiteers by helping to stop the Trans Pecos Pipeline.


Can you come to 2 Rivers Camp?- 

No, 2 Rivers camp is currently changing camp location please CLICK HERE for more info


What to expect at camp-

1) NO alcohol, drugs, or weapons This includes medical marijuana! The state of Texas does not permit marijuana AT ALL!

2) Please come SELF SUFFICIENT for the initial opening of the camp. 

Please come prepared for primitive camping conditions in a desert area.

3) All rules of the camp will be adhered to. These rules are established to protect everyone in the camp.

4) There is a border patrol check point on the way out of camp so please be advised and be prepared.


How you can help the camp-

Donate! 2 Rivers Camp is in desperate need of donations you can donate directly HERE You can also donate to Big Bend Coalition HERE and this will also reach 2 Rivers Camp.

Send Supplies! CLICK HERE for an active supply list and send to: 

2 Rivers Camp

P.O. Box 714

Marfa Tx 79843

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More info on 2 Rivers Camp

Crystal Water Camp - Florida

What are they fighting?-

The Sabal Trail Pipeline is a fracked gas pipeline that will threaten the lands, waters (including aquifers, watersheds, rivers, springs, ponds, wetlands), the environment and flora & fauna in three states. Alabama, Georgia and Florida. This pipeline is just one portion of a much larger infrastructure of over 44 pipelines either being constructed now or in the planning stages all over the continent of North America. This pipeline has already been APPROVED. There is no more asking nicely from elected representatives.  We need to move forward in an attempt to save our future.


Can you stay at the camp?-

No, Crystal water camp is no longer a camp that can be visited. BUT they vow to continue to boast action training and to continue to fight. To know more about Crystal Water Camp action training please email [email protected]


How you can help the camp-

 Join some of their actions to stop Sabal Trail Pipeline

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More info on Crystal Water Camp

UK Fracking Camps

Our friends in the UK are fighting fracking all over their country. There are several camps in the UK right now, here are links to their Facebook Groups

Blackpool and Fylde Community Protection Camp

Brockham Protection Camp

Leith Hill Protection Camp

Kirby Misperton Protection Camp- Anyone wishing to come to Kirby Misperton Protection Camp by public transport, can be picked up from Malton Train Station. If you can give us at least one hour notice, it would be greatly appreciated
Call either Ian on 0779 151 8740
or Steve on 0777 633 1707

Donate to Kirby Misperton Camp HERE or send donations to:

The Clock House
Little Barugh
YO17 6UY


Although some of these camps do not have a space for campers to stay, they are determined to fight fracking through several group actions and deserve our support!

Eagle Butte Camp - South Dakota

A new camp that has just formed is Eagle Butte Camp in South Dakota. And yes they are accepting water protectors! 

How to get there-

The camp is located in Eagle Butte South Dakota on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. It is on the Powwow grounds right off of highway 212

Info coming soon on donations and supply lists


Lax U'ula Camp - Canada

Watch this video about Lax U’ula Camp 


Can you go to camp?-

They welcome Lax Kw'alaams members and other supporters, please call for further instructions   1-250-600-6643


Where is camp?-

British Columbia Canada


How you can help camp-

Donate to the camp HERE  

Send supplies! To send supplies contact them first here [email protected] or call 1-250-600-6643 

Heres a list of need supplies:

Waterproof cameras with video capacity (and memory cards)

- Generator (Hondo 3500 or similar) 

- $$$ for Boats and fuel 

-Any kind of rope

-AA and AAA batteries

-Gasoline, Outboard oil

-Outboard motors

-Propane/tanks for cooking, washing dishes, and heating/drying -Tents

- Halibut hooks & any other halibut gear

- Rainboots of all sizes, Good rain gear


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More on Lax U’u’la Camp  

Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp - New Jersey

The Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp is named after the sacred Split Rock site that lays within the mountains of northeastern New Jersey. "Sweet water" is the Lenape meaning for 'Ramapoo' (currently spelled as Ramapough). For generations, members of the Ramapough Lenape Nation have regarded this sacred site as a place of worship and reflection, a tradition that is still kept dear today.


What are they fighting?-

Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp was formed in October of 2016 in solidarity with the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Led by Ramapough Lenape Nation, the camp was erected to educate the public on the impending crises of the AIM and Pilgrim pipelines that threaten the local water supply in our region.


Where is this camp?-

95 Halifax rd Mahwah, New Jersey 07430 


Can you come to camp?-

As of right now there are a few permanent  water protectors on site but the camp accepts visitors and even encourages it! They want visitors to attend prayer ceremonies, just come for the day or if you would like to stay longer please apply for a "shift" by clicking HERE  All are welcome, please dress accordingly (wool clothing, heavy duty boots, etc. forcoldernights).   


How can you help the camp?-

Bring supplies! 

The camp is always in need of supplies. For the most up to date list of needs, please contact the camp’s firekeepers at [email protected]. The following supplies are generally needed on an ongoing basis:

•Zero degree sleeping bags

•Jugs of water

•Food donations

•Portable phone chargers

•Solar panels with batteries

•Pine stick fire starters

•Hardwood burning wood for stoves

DONATE!  To donate login or create an account at PAYPAL then click "Pay or Send Money" and select "Send Money to Friends and Family"-Send money to [email protected]

Donate to the legal defense fund HERE  

Checks can be made payable to “Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp” and sent to the Ramapough Lunaape Community Center at 189 Stag Hill Rd, Mahwah, NJ 07470.


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Camp Toyahvale - Texas

Camp Toyahvale at Pemanxoje or Toyahvale Texas is a camp to learn to live with the land and Protect the water. 


Can you go to camp?-

Yes, they are currently taking water protectors BUT you must first fill out a registration page HERE 


Where is camp?-

Toyahvale, Texas


What to expect at camp-

Camp Toyahvale Guidelines

*Please be respectful of any artifacts discovered at Camp Toyahvale. They are not to be removed under any circumstances.

Camp Toyahvale at (Pemanxoje) Toyahvale, Texas is a camp to learn to live with the land and

protect the water. The first Native College in Texas.

Participants must come 100% self-sufficient at this time until the camp creates more

infrastructure. That means food, water, medical supplies, tents, packing out trash and any

sanitation. Campers will be asked to participate to the camp as it grows and may be asked to

sign up for a variety of duties for the good of everyone.

All participants will be asked to sign a Waiver of Liability.

Everyone must check-in, and be prepared to abide by camp rules which will include modern

legalities as well as respect for the native traditions and culture of the original inhabitants.

Water Protectors are absolutely welcome but we will not be engaging in direct action from this

site. Our education about the land is our best statement for its protection. We are happy to

provide guidance to an Action Camp in the area.

Please be aware that there may be prayer and ceremonies conducted.

Respect this and do not disturb or participate unless invited.

Please follow all security guidelines associated with entry to the Camp

 Please provide any personal information requested that will allow us

to know who is visiting our Camp

Please accurately complete a Liability release form

 Respect the land, plants and creatures present on this property.

 No collection, or disturbing of any artifacts

 Respect the boundaries of the established camp we are surrounded by

private property.

 No ground fires unless approved by Security

No Drugs or Alcohol

 No abusive language

No acts of violence

 Respect for all local laws and ordinances

 No vendors unless approved by the Council

 Please use the sanitation facilities provided

No pets unless certified service animals or animals approved by Security

Entry and exit through established areas

 Keep your personal space clean and orderly

Participate in policing the camp for trash every evening before sunset

Use only reuseable items when possible (no paper plates, paper cups, plastic


Participate in any task required to sustain the camp

 Help in the kitchen

 Maintain the fire

Keep camp free of wind blown debris

Haul water or wood

Camp Toyahvale Leadership and Land Owners reserve the right to

remove any individuals or groups from the Camp at their discretion.


How you can help the camp-

Donate to camp HERE  

Like them on Facebook 

Go to camp and support!


More about Camp Toyahvale  


Gadadi Camp - Arkansas

Pronounced Ga-da-di; we are a safe haven for natives in Ar, and a rallying point and camp for local water protectors fighting the DSPL and its activities.


What are they fighting?-

They are fighting the Diamond Pipeline


Are they accepting water protectors?-

Yes please go and support this camp!


Where is camp?-

288 Cole Mt. Road - Springfield, Arkansas 72157


What you can do to help this camp-

Send supplies! They are in desperate need! Here's a supply list:

**More bodies
*Tent steaks
*Chainsaw chains
*Chainsaw blade oil
*Tiki fuel or kerosine
**Large multi person tent(s)
(Preferably the more permanent living style type. Like a barracks tent, yurt, or something large enough for 8+ ppl)
*Stock foods
(Anything like canned goods, rice, flour, sugar, etc)
*kitchen gear (stoves, propane, pots and pans, etc. We have enough to cook for 10 ppl, but need to be able to produce for more) 
**E-Z-ups (pop up canopies)

Larger needs....
**More people
*A load of gravel
*A load of lumber
*Lots of nails/wood screws
*Gas for chainsaw
*A portopotty
**again, more People

***We are clearing areas and building permanent structures at Gadadi to be able to have some sort of permanent housing and common area for cooking and bathroom. At the moment we are living fairly "primitive" as Martin calls it, so campers need to be prepared for slightly primitive conditions till we can get more help getting structures erected. There is a camper with a toilet on site, so we do have some electric and bathroom. We definitely need bodies though.  
We need campers. Lots of work to do and we need more bodies to do it. Many community projects planned as well as water protection actions, but we need more people. Bring yard tools if you can, however we do have many areas cleared for campers now, and are ready for arrivals.


Camp rules-

No guns
No alcohol
No drugs (without prescription)
Mind your trash

Camp Gadadi Camp Facebook page

Camp White Pine - Pennsylvania

Connecting efforts to defend their water, land, and air from Sunoco's profiteering across Pennsylvania. From Mariner East to Marcus Hook, they fight for a healthy and safe future for the next generation. Pennsylvania as a state has done an intentional job of erasing native history.  This state has not recognized tribes or treaty lands, yet native communities are alive there today and have a long history that Camp White Pine works to lift up while they resist the pipeline.

Who are the fighting?-

Mariner East II Pipeline and Marcus Hook Refinery


Can you go to camp?-

Yes that are currently accepting water protectors! BUT camp is trying to keep infiltrators out! Strict vetting is being done to protect the people and their mission so every member is accepted on a vouching system. You must either know someone at camp or know someone who knows someone, there are no exceptions! 


Where is camp?-

Huntingdon County, PA


How you can help camp-

Go to camp and peacefully fight along side these amazing people!

DONATE!! This camp need donations for their legal fund! Help to keep camp member fighting! You can donate directly to camps legal fund HERE

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More about Camp White Pine

Oka Lawa Camp - Oklahoma

Oka Lawa camp is a spiritual, prayerful, peaceful camp for water protectors and our allies from across the land. They are located in southeast Oklahoma on a 70 acre Choctaw allotment that was given to the family after the Trail of Tears forced them to move from their original homelands in Mississippi to Oklahoma (formerly "Indian Territory"). Their purpose is to educate our relatives about these histories, to exchange stories and knowledge with other nations, to walk in prayer with those who come to visit, and to heal our people from the historical traumas resulting from colonization. This camp is meant for those who want to unite in a peaceful and non-violent way to build a better future for generations to come.


What are they fighting?-

 fighting to defeat the Diamond Pipeline


Can you go to camp?-

Yes! They currently need water protectors!


Where is camp?

Here is Google map directions from Oklahoma City HERE


What to expect at camp-

Camp Rules:
*No weapons
*Come in prayer
*No drugs or alcohol
*No bad energy/vibes
*We center indigenous voices & leadership
*The camp is non-violent, anything done outside of the camp is the individual's responsibility
*Work ethic
*This is Chahta land
*Bring love ♥


How you can help camp-

Go to camp! Donate! You can donate directly to camp HERE! This camp needs supplies! If you wish to give gift cards, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Bass Pro, Costco, Academy, Warehouse Market, Reasors and Kmart. To send donations please contact Oka Lawa Camp or Tulsa Stands With Standing Rock.  Here is the camps current supply list. Much can be purchases through Walmart and shipped directly to camp.

Items needed:
*Non perishable bulk food such as beans, rice, oats, flour, can goods and drink mixes
*Bottled water, 5 gal bottled water
*Wet wipes
*Sleeping bags
*Cooking pots and utensils
*Reusable plastic plates, Old pie tins, and cups (that can be washed and reused)
*Silverware (that can be washed and reused)
*Coffee, creamer, sugar
*Paper items: toilet tissue
*Ice chests preferred large
*Can openers
*Large water coolers
*Two to eight man tents, cabin and dome tents (needed immediately)
*Tarps large sizes
*Ropes and Bungee Cords
*Paint (Red, White, Yellow, Black, and Green)
*Porta Potties (online purchase at Walmart.com)
*Biodegradable soap and dish soap
*Flashlights with extra batteries
*Lanterns and oil
*5 Gal buckets with lids can be purchased at Walmart
*Ponchos all sizes
*Scrap Lumber
*Camp chairs
*Walkie Talkies
*Solar Phones and chargers
*Chain saws, fuel for such
*Bug spray
*Seeds for growing Vegetation
*Generators needed immediately
*Blankets needed Immediately
*Storage containers/bins with lids (all sizes but larger needed more)
*Water Buffalo's and Tanks - to store water for camp use, if you know a farmer or tribe that will help.
*Tipis and poles
*Lawn mowers
*Hygienic items especially items to care for elders
*Medical Supplies: Band-Aids, Maalox, gauze, alcohol, medical tape, first aid kits etc
*spray bottles
*Biodegradable trash bags
*Metal sharpeners to sharpen shovels and axes used to work the land
*Various size Rain boots

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Cotoname Village at Carrizo Springs - Texas

This up coming village is part of the Carrizo-Comecrudo tribe of Texas. The Carrizo/Comecrudo people lived along the South Texas Rio Grande delta since before Texas joined the union. Since Texas joined they decided to not honor treaties with the tribes that were made before.  The State of Texas has since taken the harsh stance of not recognizing this tribe as well as others.  Since all the tribes have been scrubbed out of the history books this has limited their ability to practice their life ways and teach their children. They want to be part of the Healing of the damage to our earth. They also want to provide training in various areas of Alternative Energy and Water Purification. The Texas Brownsville Port Authority has already agreed to use part of their sacred fishing lands "Garcia Pasture" as part of an ungodly Export Terminal storage facility, extending the Oil and gas pipeline head of the snake into something massive along Gulf of Mexico beaches.

What are they fighting?-

Rio Bravo Pipeline - Rio Grande LNG and Valley Crossing Pipeline


Are they Accepting water protectors?-

YES! These guys need people ASAP to help build this village!


Where is camp?-

Floresville, Texas


How can you help camp?-

DONATE HERE! This camp is in desperate need for donations! Send supplies to camp. Please contact camp for official address to send supplies HERE

GO TO CAMP! Please go and help build this camp!

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Camp Promise - Flint, Michigan

Camp Promise is a Water Protector camp peacefully protecting the Flint area demanding clean water for Flint residents, as well as shutting down Enbridge Line 5.


What are they fighting?-

I think we all have heard of the horrible water conditions of Flint, Michigan. This camp demands clean water now! They also fight the Enbridge Line 5 which is an aging pipeline that needs to be shut down immediately!


Are they accepting water protectors?-

Yes! Camp Promise needs water protectors. In fact they need specific roles filled at camp CLICK HERE to see if there are roles you can fill.


Where is camp?-

Camp is in Kearsley Park. Kearsley Park Blvd Flint, Michigan


How can you help camp?-

Donation links are not quite set up for camp yet but HERE'S A LINK to the camps message about that.

Go to camp and volunteer!

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Camp Red Power - Minnesota

Camp Red Power, where Treaty rights and Annishinaabe Culture come first. Camp Red Power wants to be a completely self sustaining camp. They want to get back to using a trade and barter system, it's more efficient and roots back to the old ways. Right now some projects they are doing in camp to become self sustainable are as follows:   1. Removing Propane - They are working to create a propane free environment. Cooking over a fire, electric flattop for taco day, and a Clay based oven is their game plan. Man power is needed to complete this!  2. Harvest their own electricity -  They have all the materials to use solar power in 100% of everything they do.  3. Grow their own food -  They have received some good heirloom seeds from the seed bank and are in the process of making a greenhouse.  4. Retain their Traditions and Values -  Anyone is welcome to come help build the camp and learn teachings. Whether it be in the form of sugarbush, fishing, or wigwam building - you get hands on learning. This is a place where people come to learn, teach and heal. They also want to educate people on pipeline threats and camps in the movement. They believe it's time to live the way we are all meant to.


What are they fighting?-

Camp Red Power is up against the Enbridge Line 3 replacement


Can you go to camp?-

YES! Camp Red Power needs water protectors immediately!


Where is camp?-

Camp Red Power is located on White Earth Reservation in Minnesota about 17 miles away from the proposed Enbridge Pipeline 3. Click for Google Map HERE


How can you help camp?-

Go to camp! They need people! Donate to camp! Although monetary donations are accepted through PayPal at [email protected] , Red Power Camp would rather have supply/hands and volunteers. Monetary donations will go to transportation needs, bills and equipment to help them become self sufficient.

Supply List is:

Gas cards
Hand tools
Gardening tools
Food donations always welcome
Art supplies for banners and other things
Work gloves
Garbage bags
Personal hygiene products
Moon products
Solar generators
Deep cycle batteries
Power Invertors
Solar charge controller
Copper electrical wire
Canvas for housing (12 x 20)
Wood stoves


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Wealaka Camp - Oklahoma

The camp is on beautiful allotment land rich with history that has a wonderful creek running through it. They are a base camp established by Mvskoke people in Mvskoke Territory of Leonard, Okla, for the purpose of preserving our sacred water, protecting our Mother Earth, and providing a means to learn traditions and culture from one another in a good way,


Can you go to camp?-

Yes! They are accepting water protectors. If you would like to attend camp please message them on their Facebook page HERE and if you share the same vision, you will be permitted to camp and receive location.


Where is Camp?-

The camp is within 30 minutes of Tulsa Oklahoma. 


What to expect at camp-

Core Values:
1. To create an atmosphere conducive to educating the greater society in regards to the ecological danger that faces all humanity
2. To create a community setting that teaches and promotes youth and others to be active in developing ways to live in harmony with earth and nature
3. To develop ways and means necessary to confront those forces that would destroy the natural order of life and sabotage the future of our planet and thus our children
4. And most of all, to promote recognition in all people that the earth and nature are the greatest manifestations of the Creator that we have to relate to and to identify and promote spirituality within the community by working together with the elements of our existence that this community can sustain itself in a way that allows the earth to replenish itself every spring as our ancestors did as they faced the challenges of their time

"Ekvnv Vcayetskv" means “Taking Care of Earth”

OUR CREED: We are a prayerful healing camp standing for Sovereignty and Treaty Rights as protectors of Mother Earth. We are indigenous led and respect the protocols of the indigenous Mvskokvlke as the lands we are a part of; peoples of all nations, water protectors and those committed to preserving our Mother for future generations are welcome.  

CODE OF CONDUCT: EVERYONE is welcome. Registration is required upon arrival for any stays over night or longer, if you do not agree to abide by Camp Rules you cannot stay. 

No registered sex offenders; And we do reserve the right to a background check. If you are redeemed or transformed from your past trials than that is between you and creator but we will NOT allow sex offenders here.

We have a VERY strict NO alcohol and drug policy; any use of illegal substances is NOT welcome on the sacred grounds.

No firearms on the grounds.

No Stealing. Period. If you borrow something, take it back in as good a shape as you borrowed it. Don’t take without asking. If you are caught stealing on the grounds you will not be allowed back.  
No Gossiping against elders, leaders or security or even among yourselves. Protocols are put into place for a reason protecting the prayer and medicine if you disagree please don't stay, we don't need the negative energy.

If you are coming to live off the camp and not participate as a unified village and learn to be self-sufficient this is also NOT the camp for you.

Respect security's authority they are put into place to protect the prayer and healing medicine of this camp. In doing so all goes through them to protect the Elders and leaders in this camp along with keeping EVERYONE safe If you are asked to leave do not try to go to one of the Elders it goes as far as our head of Security period.

ALL live feeds need to be approved by security or the Camp’s PR or coordinated by the Camp’s PR. Photos or live feeds are NEVER done around the sacred fire and the inipi. EVER! ALL media groups have to check in with security or PR, And have to be approved by our head of PR.

Respect after sundown - quiet voices, quiet music, solitude.

In that respect below is a suggested list of supplies you should have with you: (you will be responsible for coming to camp prepared; do not arrive expecting camp to care for you)

Something to sit on
Oklahoma has mosquitos, chiggers and ticks (bug repellent)
Dish-ware (plate, cup, eating utensils)
Food (especially if you have special dietary needs)
Basic first aid kit
Duct tape
Tarp (in case of rain to cover you or your tent)
Flash light
If you take medication (make sure to bring them)


How you can help the camp-

Wealaka needs donations to make camp more sustainable. If you are able, we have a list of items needed. They are not seeking nor asking for money but asking for the following items:
Hinges, spring loaded
1/2 ply wood
Tarps all sizes
Gardening tools, 
5 gal buckets
30 gal trash cans
Recycle bins
Pea gravel
Char coal
Kiddie pool
2 or 3 Water cisterns any size
T post poles
1" pvc pipes
screws any size, phillips preferred
Saw dust
Agm batteries
Chicken wire
Cast iron skillets
If you are able to provide these items please contact them.


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Defend Wayne Forest Camp - Ohio

Defend Wayne Forest Camp is dedicated to spreading info about fracking in the Wayne Nation Forest of Ohio and any efforts to stop it.  They are a diverse and growing community committed to protecting clean water and the sanctuary of Ohio's only National Forest.


What are they fighting?-

In December, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management began to auction off parts of the Wayne National Forest to oil- and gas-drilling companies: more than 700 were leased in mid-December, then a thousand more in March. This camp is defending the forest against this threat.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes! Camp opens officially on May 31st 2017. As of right now please signup for the camps news letter HERE to inquire about attending camp.


Where is Camp?-

Lamping Homestead Recreation area in Graysville, Ohio


How can help camp?-

The camp is in serious need of donations to help build infrastructure and to continue to fight. DONATE HERE

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Click HERE for more on Defend Wayne Forest Camp

Wolves Den - Flint, Michigan 

The Wolves Den In Flint is a close knit team of local residents, environmentalists, and indigenous activists currently working on the ground in Flint, MI. Many of them spent months on the ground at Standing Rock helping to provide lodging, food, gas, and transportation for water protectors. They are now working on restoring homes, providing clean water, building raised bed gardens, and raising awareness on the water crisis in Flint, MI.
The Flint community rocketed into the spotlight just over three years ago when the Michigan government confirmed, without a doubt, that the water was indeed poisoned. Since then, three years have passed and almost nothing has changed with the exception of no more cameras and mainstream media spotlight. The water is still contaminated while the water rates are still some of the highest in the country.
Their organization, Wolves Den in Flint, is not a fancy club or private institution. They are a collective of everyday citizens centered in prayer and determined to succeed where our government has failed. Through collaboration with the Oceti Sakowin Love Water Truck, they have the ability to provide clean water filtered through reverse osmosis to residents daily. They are currently collaborating with a multitude of organizations including but not limited to Veterans Respond, Progressive Independent Party Truth Against The Machine, Withstand With Wolves, Women’s Indigenous Media, The Green Party,  and Relatives In Prayer. They are working towards the larger goal of making sure that all of the pipes in Flint are replaced. 
They need your help to make this operation a success. It takes a lot to house, feed, transport volunteers, and provide the building materials for projects that help neighbors and public spaces. Moreover, they need more voices at the tables and bodies on the ground. They need skilled individuals willing to volunteer their time to the people of Flint whether it be for a day, a week, or until the water runs clean. They need support from allied individuals, organizations, and media outlets. 
We need your help now to be able to lift up this struggling community. These people are in need of immediate restoration. They ask that you will stand with us in the fight for clean water.


What are they fighting?-

They are fighting the injustices and water crisis of Flint Michigan. This team is trying to serve the public by helping the community and combat the desperate water situation.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes! They are always seeking more volunteers to come join in serving the people of Flint. They need people ready to work including specialties such as electricians, plumbers, healers, medically trained individuals, as well as people who can teach new ways to be eco-friendly and universally healing. If you would like to attend camp please email them at 

[email protected]


Where is camp?-

Camp is in the city of Flint Michigan. 


What to expect at camp-

Wolves Den in Flint do not allow drinking, drugs, or weapons of any kind. They are a diverse group. Hate or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.


How can you help camp?-

Wolves Den Camp needs supplies here's a supply list:

Food and water, Data cards Boost Metro Straight Talk, Gas cards, Tools including yard tools, Hygiene supplies Tobacco, sage, Water jugs preferably not plastic! Medical supplies Blankets, pillows, Solar showers

Go to camp, serve the Flint residents by attending camp and helping out! DONATE HERE

Wolves Den Website

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Camp Constellation - New York

Local New York activists have set up a permanent camp to protect Stella Martin and her family, from the harassment and danger she is experiencing from battling against a toxic landfill created next to her home in Palenville/Catskill, New York, and dumped into our Nationally/Federally, NYS Protected Wetlands. Their environmental efforts formed Camp Constellation during our gathering on the 4th of July, 2017, and will continue to step forward together. They have come to realize that more extensive efforts are desperately required for their environmental efforts against the corruption with the local Town of Catskill, Greene County, and Upstate NY actually protecting the illegal toxic landfill into their wetlands, while they neglect the families, and their Protected Waters.

What are they fighting?-

Toxic waste dumping into the wetlands of Catskill NY and protection of the Martin family for speaking out against this.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes! The Martin family and Camp Constellation humbly ask for help from water ptotectors to stand with them at Camp Constellation. Please click HERE and click the Contact button to contact Camp Constellation.


Where is Camp?-

Catskill, New York


What to expect at camp?-

No weapons, no drugs (unless compliant with NY State Medical Marijuana Laws,) no alcohol at the camp.


How can you help camp?-

Go to camp and help!  Donate to Camp Constellation HERE

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Stella Martin Camp Constellation Facebook Page

Camp Constellation Facebook Group Page

More on Camp Constellation


Stella Martin

Stella Martin

L'eau Est La Vie Camp - Louisiana

Camp is set in the bayous of Louisiana, their water and way of life is under threat, and They need your support. They have built the L’eau Est La Vie camp to protect their water and their way of life from the Bayou Bridge pipeline.

What are they fighting?-

This camp is fighting hard against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. This pipeline is owned by Energy Transfer Partners, same owners of the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Can you go to camp?-

Please email camp  at [email protected] for more info on visiting camp.



Where is camp?-

The camp is located in the bayou of Louisiana. Camp does not release exact location until you have contacted them with interested to help. This is to keep infiltrators out of camp.


How can you help camp?-

Reach out to them and go to camp. Donate to them HERE    Check out their wish list HERE and send supplies to camp. Sign up HERE to receive info on camp. If you live in Louisiana you can sign up HERE to canvass door to door against the BBP.

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More on L'eau Est La Vie Camp


3 Fires Alliance Camp - Michigan

The Three Fires Alliance is an indigenous-led organization/cultural camp with the goal of awakening humanity utilizing the Seven Grandfather Teachings and the 7th Generation Prophecy of the Three Fires People. (Odawa, Ojibway, and Bodowatami) 

What are they fighting?-

Not only is camp is committed to shutting down Line 5, they are educating camp members on their culture and participants can learn lifestyle changes that decrease their dependency on fossil fuels. 


Can you go to camp?-

Camp is now open to friends and family of Three Fires Alliance but if you would like to attend camp please message them HERE


What to expect at camp-

Camp is rustic for now, no running water or electricity. You would need your own everything, including food.


How can you help camp?-

Reach out to camp HERE and like them on Facebook

Wolf Camp - Minnesota

Info coming soon on Wolf Camp!


All Nationz Rising Camp - Massachussets 

In memory of Marc Osten, a Water Protector community has been established in Sutton, MA to fight for clean air, water, and land under Article XCII of the Massachusetts constitution. They are a community to stop all pipelines in Blackstone Valley & MA via Education, NonViolent Demonstration Actions (NVDAs)

What are they fighting?-

The Otis State Forest Pipeline construction, SPECTRA's Algonquin Expansion, CT Expansion, the Plants in Burriville and Providence, R.I. And a staggering amount of Compressor Stations, along the way.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes, camp is accepting water protectors. Please send a message HERE to get info on coming to camp. 



Where is camp?-

Central Massachusetts 


What to expect at camp?-

General Camp Rules Of Respect, No Tolerance and Expectations of participants, as well as Security Policies in Place, prior to coming and while here. Unfortunately, At this Time only "true" Service Dogs are can be accepted.  Please ask about all other animals. NO Alchohol, DRUG, FIRE ARMS, or other WEAPONS. Massachusetts has Very Strict Weapons Laws


How can you help camp?-

Go to camp!

Donate to camp HERE

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Ma'iingan Prayer and Cultural Camp - Minnesota

Ma'iingan Prayer and Cultural Camp is a sanctuary camp focused on cultural knowledge of the Anishinaabe people. They are dedicated to creating a self-sustainable community, sharing ancestral knowledge, caring for the environment and our animal relatives, and giving back to Mother Earth.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes this camp is currently accepting water protectors.


Where is camp?

5759 Alborn Brookston Road, Saginaw, MN 55779


What to expect at camp-

Have appropriate clothing and shoes for the weather during your stay. Work clothes, gloves, etc.
• Bring your camping gear! We usually have some space free, but this cannot be guaranteed.
•While we do prepare community meals, more food is always needed! Bring some and donate it to main supply and join us for dinner!
•Spread the word to your circle and let them know you are going and see if they have the ability to donate firewood, supplies, or labor!
•Smudge and pray
Camp Rules:
•No drugs, alcohol, or weapons
•No aggressive or violent behavior
•Respect the space around the Sacred Fire
•Respect all other people in camp and that you encounter coming and going from to camp


How you can help camp-

Go to camp and be a part of these amazing people! Donate to camp here: Paypal is [email protected]

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Front Line Camp - Minnesota

This is an indigenous led camp trying to stop Enbridge Line 3 pipeline. These are water protectors from Oceti calling for solidarity. They are currently on the front line fighting this and are in desperate need of water protectors to take part in direct peaceful action!


Where is camp?- 

3868 Brevator Rd, Brevator Township, Minnesota 55720


What to expect at camp-

Be prepared to participate in direct peaceful action against Line 3. Camp is new so please bring what you need to camp to sustain yourself. Also any gear/food donations to camp or help building camp infrastructure is needed.

More info on camp will come as it developes