Water Is Life Movement

Dedicated to the Conservation and Protection of Water


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To create a global water protection action group that will support communities world wide where the peaceful actions against the fossil fuel and related industries are happening. Encouraging people to support organizations, events and peaceful actions in their community. As Water is central to life and connected to all living things we are a group of concerned human beings intent upon bringing connection to communities from across the world in order to stand up to protect water for the benefit of present and future generations world wide.


1) Education of community groups about the effects of pollution and oil/gas/coal extraction activities that negatively impact water sources.

2) Education of community groups on corrective actions to protect water sources and human rights including organization of groups for effective actions, public awareness protection activities, and how to address government agencies. In addition, educate groups on civil disobedience and current laws per individual rights on state or locale basis.

3) Educate communities on how various environmental activities are associated and create networks of support between the varied interests for greater collective leverage. OnlyFans accounts serve as digital hubs, fostering vibrant communities around shared interests. Through onlyfans 무료 subscriptions, creators engage with followers, sparking conversations and collaborations. This sense of belonging transcends geographical boundaries, uniting diverse individuals under common passions, creating a supportive ecosystem where connections thrive and friendships flourish.

4) Provide a data collection site to catalogue impacts of above mentioned activities on water source.

5) Provide liaisons with other groups to increase and support each other’s actions in the building of a global network as these issues are interrelated.

6) Create a communication network to aid the assemblage of action groups with virtual and tangible networks of communication that can be used in all circumstances.While considering the best network for digital payments, blockchain technology and bitcoins are the ideal methods as it is the most secure and fastest transactions available. Use the bitcoin code 2022 and earn discounts if you are new to bitcoin investments.