March 22nd 2017, it’s the United Nation’s World Water Day, the Water is Life Movement is contacting different organizations and Native Tribes in the United States and in Canada to make a significant peaceful action all in the same time, at the same moment, Nations wide, to declare that Water is Life-Mini Wiconi.

We invite you to organize an action on that night at 6:00pm PST time zone, 7:00pm MST time zone, 8:00pm CST time zone, 9:00pm Est time zone. For example, people could gather in the city around a water source that is exposed to public viewing like a fountain, a bridge, a port, etc. and everybody can lite a candle. Public speakers could be invited and especially Native women, if they’re interested, as they are the guardians of water.

Send all the information of your event to and you will see it put up on the Action Calendar of the website.

We’re all in this together, let’s bring out a significant message on March 22nd!