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Write the WV DEP to Reject Pipeline Permits! (Nov 19-25 West Virginia)

Hey Folks,

Mountaineer Gas has submitted their proposal to the WV Dept of Environmental Protection for a WV General Water Pollution Control Permit for the construction of 23 miles of pipeline construction in Morgan and Berkeley Counties of WV.
On behalf of regional residents, Potomac River Keepers Network has submitted a request for a Public Hearing. We are encouraging everyone to also request a public hearing in their comments as well.

We need you to flood their office with public comments on why you believe this permit should not be issued and that a public hearing is needed You can send your written comments to address below They must be received in their office by Nov 25th! 

Or, you may email them to Sharon Mullins at
Please put in the Subject Line: EPEP Permit # WVR310880 Public Comment

Director Division of Water and Management DEP
ATTN: Sharon Mullins, Permitting Section
601 57th Street SE
Charleston, WV 25304-2345

You must include:
the Permit Registration Number WVR310880
Your name, address and phone number
A concise statement on why you believe this permit should not be granted.

Below are some general points you can add to your letter.

This permit is for 23 miles of pipeline construction through Morgan and Berkeley Counties.
It has the potential to impact 14 wetlands, 1 pond, and 67 streams, including "high quality" streams, such as Back Creek, Sleepy Creek, Dry Run, Cherry Run, Warm Springs Run
The Horizontal Drilling Method MGC says it will use for high quality streams is controversial in its safety to our water. Just this passed summer, the Rover pipeline spilled over 2 million gallons of drilling mud and diesel fuel into their wetlands.
The Mariner 2 East Pipeline in PA has ruined 15 residential wells due to an intrusion into the aquifer from HDD methods. The pipeline company, Sunoco has agreed to hook these residents up to public water supply, but they have lost their well water.
We are at high risk for underground aquifer contamination and pollution spreading to local well water due to the Karst geographical formations in our region.

Thanks everyone!