Wealaka Camp - Oklahoma

The camp is on beautiful allotment land rich with history that has a wonderful creek running through it. They are a base camp established by Mvskoke people in Mvskoke Territory of Leonard, Okla, for the purpose of preserving our sacred water, protecting our Mother Earth, and providing a means to learn traditions and culture from one another in a good way,


Can you go to camp?-

Yes! They are accepting water protectors. If you would like to attend camp please message them on their Facebook page HERE and if you share the same vision, you will be permitted to camp and receive location.


Where is Camp?-

The camp is within 30 minutes of Tulsa Oklahoma. 


What to expect at camp-

Core Values:
1. To create an atmosphere conducive to educating the greater society in regards to the ecological danger that faces all humanity
2. To create a community setting that teaches and promotes youth and others to be active in developing ways to live in harmony with earth and nature
3. To develop ways and means necessary to confront those forces that would destroy the natural order of life and sabotage the future of our planet and thus our children
4. And most of all, to promote recognition in all people that the earth and nature are the greatest manifestations of the Creator that we have to relate to and to identify and promote spirituality within the community by working together with the elements of our existence that this community can sustain itself in a way that allows the earth to replenish itself every spring as our ancestors did as they faced the challenges of their time

"Ekvnv Vcayetskv" means “Taking Care of Earth”

OUR CREED: We are a prayerful healing camp standing for Sovereignty and Treaty Rights as protectors of Mother Earth. We are indigenous led and respect the protocols of the indigenous Mvskokvlke as the lands we are a part of; peoples of all nations, water protectors and those committed to preserving our Mother for future generations are welcome.  

CODE OF CONDUCT: EVERYONE is welcome. Registration is required upon arrival for any stays over night or longer, if you do not agree to abide by Camp Rules you cannot stay. 

No registered sex offenders; And we do reserve the right to a background check. If you are redeemed or transformed from your past trials than that is between you and creator but we will NOT allow sex offenders here.

We have a VERY strict NO alcohol and drug policy; any use of illegal substances is NOT welcome on the sacred grounds.

No firearms on the grounds.

No Stealing. Period. If you borrow something, take it back in as good a shape as you borrowed it. Don’t take without asking. If you are caught stealing on the grounds you will not be allowed back.  
No Gossiping against elders, leaders or security or even among yourselves. Protocols are put into place for a reason protecting the prayer and medicine if you disagree please don't stay, we don't need the negative energy.

If you are coming to live off the camp and not participate as a unified village and learn to be self-sufficient this is also NOT the camp for you.

Respect security's authority they are put into place to protect the prayer and healing medicine of this camp. In doing so all goes through them to protect the Elders and leaders in this camp along with keeping EVERYONE safe If you are asked to leave do not try to go to one of the Elders it goes as far as our head of Security period.

ALL live feeds need to be approved by security or the Camp’s PR or coordinated by the Camp’s PR. Photos or live feeds are NEVER done around the sacred fire and the inipi. EVER! ALL media groups have to check in with security or PR, And have to be approved by our head of PR.

Respect after sundown - quiet voices, quiet music, solitude.

In that respect below is a suggested list of supplies you should have with you: (you will be responsible for coming to camp prepared; do not arrive expecting camp to care for you)

Something to sit on
Oklahoma has mosquitos, chiggers and ticks (bug repellent)
Dish-ware (plate, cup, eating utensils)
Food (especially if you have special dietary needs)
Basic first aid kit
Duct tape
Tarp (in case of rain to cover you or your tent)
Flash light
If you take medication (make sure to bring them)


How you can help the camp-

Wealaka needs donations to make camp more sustainable. If you are able, we have a list of items needed. They are not seeking nor asking for money but asking for the following items:
Hinges, spring loaded
1/2 ply wood
Tarps all sizes
Gardening tools, 
5 gal buckets
30 gal trash cans
Recycle bins
Pea gravel
Char coal
Kiddie pool
2 or 3 Water cisterns any size
T post poles
1" pvc pipes
screws any size, phillips preferred
Saw dust
Agm batteries
Chicken wire
Cast iron skillets
If you are able to provide these items please contact them.


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