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NoLNGInThe253 Women's Silent March w/Cheryl Angel (Aug 8th- Tacoma, WA)

  • Wright Park, Tacoma, Wa 501 South I Street Tacoma, WA, 98405 United States (map)

There is powerful medicine in the healing strength of women and we need it NOW!


For nearly two years residents and members of local Indigenous tribes have been fighting the construction of a FRACKED GAS operation (LNG, liquified natural gas) on the tide flats in the Port of Tacoma. This operation includes pipelines and an 8 MILLION gallon processing tank (roughly THE SIZE OF THE TACOMA DOME), immediately adjacent to Puyallup tribal lands and water and a mere six blocks from private homes.


Not only has PSE (Puget Sound Energy) never built an LNG facility, let alone one of this magnitude, but it would be sited on a known major earthquake fault and in the heart of a highly populated urban area. 

Several fuel and chemical processing plants, as well as a highly contaminated Superfund clean up site, already exist in the area of the proposed plant. In addition, the Targa Sound Terminal company is teeing up further risk in this catastrophic game of Russian roulette with plans for a weekly train to the port with 107 rail cars loaded with highly volatile fuel.

(see Targa history at 

PSE is an Australian/Canadian private, for-profit, energy corporation. They do not eat, sleep, or live in Tacoma - what right do they have to gamble from afar with our precious environment and lives? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 


The date August 8th or 8-8-8 Lions Gate, is a spiritually POWERFUL energy that when combined with the abundant feminine energy, has the ability to create real, conscious change through our intent. This gives us an opportunity to connect our divine feminine strength and bring our minds and hearts as one, to stop the LNG.

Our goal is to have 253 warrior women representing the 253. We will walk in silence with one drummer. We will vocalize our voices through our clothing, physical expressions, and signs. The idea is to walk in unity from Wright Park to the Tollefson Tower. We will make a stop at the City Hall to lend support to those voices speaking out at the city council meeting.

Men and children are ALWAYS welcome to walk in solidarity with us. We ask that you remain on either side of the march, on the outside.

We also encourage our men warrior friends to attend the Tacoma City Council meeting that is also on Tuesday at 5 PM. It is the monthly public forum where each citizen has 3 minutes to speak to the Mayor and Council members on "NO LNG". Then the men could meet up and support us at the Tollefson Plaza for the rally or we can gather them up to follow us, if the City Council meeting is over when we stop by City Hall. Two important events. Let's divide and conquer! Here is the link to this event:


Currently, we are actively fundraising to bring WORLD RENOWNED NON-Violent Indigenous Community Activist, Cheryl Angel to Tacoma to spread love, healing, awareness, and education to the communities in need. 


Cheryl Angel is a Sicangu Lakota spiritual activist dedicated to non-violent direct action and environmental justice.

Years of activism led Cheryl to Standing Rock in 2016, where she became a community member of Sacred Stone Camp. She led prayer and ceremonies during the almost year-long occupation to stop the Dakota Access pipeline from infringing on Native rights, and destroying both fragile cultural treasures and clean water.

Now she travels the world to share the message of decolonizing Unci Mahka, or Grandmother Earth and protecting her watersheds.***

Please consider making a financial donation to help with her travel expenses:

I cannot stress to you, the importance of Cheryl's presence at this crucial moment in the resistance of the #LNG. She has amazing words and an invigorating message to share with all. 

***Quoted from her website:

"Warriors are those who choose to stand between their enemy and all that she loves and holds sacred”… Anna Bean, Puyallup Nation


Total distance: 1.4 miles (the pace will be very slow, we want all able to move forward with us) The walk will start at Wright Park (501 S I Street Tacoma, WA 98405)

Public Transportation: From Seattle Route 594 towards 594 Lakewood-Tacoma. Get off at “Commerce St. Transfer Area – Zone G” and walk .7 miles to Wright Park.

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