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Solidarity march #nodapl

  • Port Townsend, Washington (map)

We march in solidarity with Standing Rock!! The tribes will march on Washington 3-10-17.
We will march the parade loop on Lawrence street Down to water street.

What do you do if your land is under attack!

Stand up ! Fight back! 

What do you do if your people are under attack!!! 

Stand up ! Fight back!

This is a time when we need to band together more then ever. We have a government that wants to divide us . We knew that the new administration would revive the black snake , However no one could have predicted he would give the CEO of Exxon a higher position of power , and the authority to ruin our environment for their greed. We need to stop this!
Through prayerful civil disobedience and song we will be victorious. 
The hearts of many will rise to defeat the hearts of the greedy!