See the beauty of these visual artists. Here's a compilation of Visual Art inspired by the struggle to save this Earth from oil, protect water and sacred lands. If you are a visual artist and would like a piece from your work listed here please contact us! We will only post visual art submitted from the artist themselves. 



Redwood 6"x24" hand carved with routers and painted by Chris Palumbo



"DEFEND THE SACRED" It is 4' x 5' acrylic on canvas by Reina 76 Artist


Sisters and young artists Emma Chase (11) and Genevieve Chase (8) of New Hampshire spent several weeks this Spring drawing and selling pictures, raising funds to purchase tents for Little Creek Camp in Williamsburg, Iowa. Three themes were chosen for the pictures, World Peace, Water is Life and Clean Energy. Through the donations of many, they raised enough funds to purchase 3 six man tents for the camp that were delivered in early May by their Dad, along with other supplies. Dad says it was great to see this idea and imagination transform into tents on the ground at Little Creek Camp. See Emma's and Genevieve's art below.

Emma Chase 11 years old!

Genevieve Chase 8 years old!


Water is Life drawings by tattoo artist John Akroe