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No Place Like Home Rally For Heart, Mind, and Nerve #NoACP #NoMVP (Sept 1st-Arlington VA)

  • Lyon Park Community Center 414 N Fillmore St Arlington, Virginia 22201 (map)

Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia Ralph Northam will attend an event in support of his candidacy. We will be outside with signs calling on Northam to find the heart, mind, and courage to come out in opposition to the two fracked gas pipelines proposed for our state--the Atlantic Coast pipeline (ACP) and the Mountain Valley pipeline (MVP). 

Bring your no pipelines signs! We'll peacefully gather outside to greet the candidate and his supporters as they go in and out of the event. If you're feeling particularly creative, wear a Wizard of Oz inspired costume to fit our theme. 

Dominion's ACP and EQT's MVP are two unneeded and harmful high-pressure fracked gas pipelines proposed for the state. They will not benefit the people of Virginia. Instead, they will hurt the lives and livelihoods of all who live along their path. 

Some of the land for the pipelines will likely be seized by eminent domain, against the will of landowners who are against these pipelines. 

Not only will these pipelines hurt people in Virginia, they will hurt people around the world due to the harmful impacts of methane gas that is extracted, compressed, and pumped through the pipelines with a lot of leakage and planned releases. Methane is often touted by the industry and their protectors in government as a bridge fuel that is far better than coal. This is not true! In fact, methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

Both candidates for governor in Virginia receive money from the pipeline companies and neither oppose them. 

There's no place like home. These pipelines threaten the people we love and the places we live. Let's help Northam find his heart, brain, and courage to say no!

#DearNortham #NoACP #NoMVP