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Pipeline Call In Day! Protect VA Waters!

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality is currently speeding through its review of plans to cross hundreds of Virginia water bodies with the massive fracked-gas Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines. Under the Clean Water Act, the DEQ has the authority to determine whether or not the pipeline plans meet our Commonwealth’s water quality standards.

We need our legislators to stand up for Virginia waterways and communities! Call your legislator today and encourage them to push the DEQ to protect us and our water!

These enormous projects would cross waterways in some of the steepest terrain in the eastern United States and cross through three major river watersheds in the Commonwealth: the Potomac, James, and Roanoke river systems. Both pipelines pose some of the most significant threats to Virginia’s water quality and aquatic environment in decades.

Though the DEQ could stop these pipeline projects, they are currently using very little of their authority to review them and are speeding through a process that deserves more time and attention.

All of this harm is entirely unnecessary. Virginia can meet its future power needs without these projects. The pipelines would only serve to benefit shareholders at the expense of our communities, environment and water.

Tell your legislator to protect Virginia waterways on your behalf!

Find your delegate's contact info:

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1) CALL SCRIPT if your delegate has not yet contacted DEQ


My name is _________ and I live in _______________ city/county. I am calling to ask you to stand up for clean water in Virginia and press the DEQ to do a full review of of the potential impacts the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines will have on our Virginia water resources. The DEQ and State Water Control Board have the authority to protect our waters under the Clean Water Act section 401. On behalf of your constituents and clean water for all Virginians, I ask that you send a letter to DEQ requesting the agency to:

- Analyze water quality and health impacts at each individual stream and wetland crossing proposed by the pipeline developers.
- Suspend the comment period on DEQ’s draft 401 water quality certification until the agency has performed this analysis.
- Provide additional public hearings closer to impacted communities along both pipeline routes when a public comment period for these certifications is reinstated.

Thank you for your time and consideration. This issue is extremely important to me.

* * * * 
2) CALL SCRIPT if your Delegate has already contacted DEQ
( Delegate Dickie Bell, Delegate David Toscano, Delegate Joseph Yost, Delegate Greg Habeeb, Delegate Steve Heretick, Senator Mamie Locke, Senator Lynwood Lewis )

My name is _________ and I live in _______________ city/county. I want to thank Delegate/Senator ____________ for the action she/he took to protect our communities and one of our most important resources: our water. Thank you for sending a letter to the DEQ urging the agency to use its full authority to do a stringent review of the impacts the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines would have on our headwater streams, rivers, and wetlands. 

That said, important analyses and mitigation plans have either not been completed or not been made public, so concerned citizens like myself have been unable to provide meaningful comment. Please demand that the DEQ suspend the current water quality certification comment period and public hearings until all information necessary to consider the full impacts on water supplies is gathered as recommended by the VA Department of Health and other stakeholders. 

Thank you again for your action. We are depending on you to protect Virginia’s waters.

* * * * 
3) CALL SCRIPT if your Delegate is Sam Rasoul

My name is _________ and I live in _______________ city/county. I want to thank Delegate Rasoul for the strong action he took to protect our communities and one of our most important resources: our water. When Delegate Rasoul demanded that DEQ suspend the comment period on water quality certifications for the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines, he made public safety and human health the # 1 priority. He knows that the risks to the Roanoke River basin are too great to simply allow industry to run roughshod over his constituents and the agencies and representatives who are supposed to serve them.

Thank you again, and please continue to stand up to threats to Virginia’s natural resources.