Utica Marcellus Texas Pipeline (Old Tennessee Gas Pipeline)-

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners and MarkWest, two large energy/ pipeline companies, have a plan to re-purpose the Tennessee Gas Pipeline from its current use for natural gas to carry natural gas liquids (NGLs), a byproduct of natural gas extraction. The pipeline will then be called the Utica Marcellus Texas Pipeline. The company's plan is to take this aging pipeline that was built to transport natural gas from the gulf coast to the northeast, and reverse the direction of flow to send hazardous natural gas liquids, or "NGLs," to processing and export facilities in Louisiana and Texas. These NGLs are hydrocarbon byproducts of fracking in the Marcellus and Utica shales, and pose unique and increased environmental and safety risks over the natural gas currently transported in the line. Of particular concern is that a significant portion of the NGLs remain liquid under ambient pressure and can contaminate water and soil. When NGLs leak, about 85% will turn into an odorless, colorless and highly flammable vapor once they hit the air. NGL vapor is heavier than air and will stay low to the ground, settling in valleys, creeks, rivers or other low points. These vapors can be ignited by heat, spark or flame. That means a tractor or car engine can set off an explosion. This pipeline crosses 6 states! Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. 

Who’s fighting this pipeline?-

Kentucky Environmental Foundation  

Kentucky Heartwood  

Kentucky Waterways Alliance