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Festival of Renewable Energy - Anti-Fracking Protest

  • Barclays Bank 1-3 Haymarket Towers, Humberstone Gate Leicester, United Kingdom (map)

This event is part of the Global Divestment Mobilisation and it will have a Dark Side and a Light Side.

On the Dark Side, we will be telling people that Barclays own 97% of Third Energy, the company that is trying to frack in beautiful Ryedale, and we will be asking Barclays to move their customers' money out of dirty energy. We will be explaining how fracking pollutes ground water and contributes to climate change. We will be creating a black handprint petition to give to Barclays and we will be colouring in Toxic Bank graphics.

On the Light Side, we will be celebrating the power of clean energy and the way that it is growing around the world. We will be asking Barclays to move their customers' money into renewable energy. We will be constructing a giant wind turbine and making paper windmills. We will be painting our faces, singing and eating cake. 

We invite you to come and contribute to this festival! Let us know how you would like to be involved and let's show Barclays what we want the future to look like.