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March on Kelcy Warren

  • 8100 Westchester Drive Dallas, TX, 75225 United States (map)

Calling all WATER and HOMESTEAD PROTECTORS, VETERANS, and CLERGY to assymble in Dallas Texas for a PEACEFUL PRAYER march to Kelcy Warrens' office at Energy Transfer Partners.  

We will meet at the offices of ETP in Dallas. Located at 8100 Westchester Dr. Dallas Texas 75225

Feburary 4, 2017 ETP HQ and then join the march at the Super Bowl in Houston on Feburary 5, 2017.

For those who dont know, Kelcy Warren is the head of Energy Tranfer Part ners who is building the N. Dakota Access Pipeline and the West Texas Trans Pecos Pipeline. They have desicrated ancient tribal burial grounds, endangered the wellness and drinking water of 17 million people, thousands of square miles of natural habitate (plants & animals) and taken homes and lands inhabited by families for over a 100yrs. They have hired mercenairies and backed with federal, state, and municiple police as their private security force. they have violated American citizens civil liberties, constituional rights and physical safety. Using intimidation, harassment, and physical brutality on American citizense comprised of VETERANS, CLERGY, FARMERS, RANCHERS, ELDERS, CHILDREN, INDIGINOUS NATIVE AMERICANS, FAMILIES, and YOUTH. They have also endangered, abused and violated the protections of THE PRESS, AND FORIGN NATIONAL OBSERVERS.

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