Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp - New Jersey

The Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp is named after the sacred Split Rock site that lays within the mountains of northeastern New Jersey. "Sweet water" is the Lenape meaning for 'Ramapoo' (currently spelled as Ramapough). For generations, members of the Ramapough Lenape Nation have regarded this sacred site as a place of worship and reflection, a tradition that is still kept dear today.


What are they fighting?-

Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp was formed in October of 2016 in solidarity with the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Led by Ramapough Lenape Nation, the camp was erected to educate the public on the impending crises of the AIM and Pilgrim pipelines that threaten the local water supply in our region.


Where is this camp?-

95 Halifax rd Mahwah, New Jersey 07430 


Can you come to camp?-

As of right now there are a few permanent  water protectors on site but the camp accepts visitors and even encourages it! They want visitors to attend prayer ceremonies, just come for the day or if you would like to stay longer please apply for a "shift" by clicking HERE  All are welcome, please dress accordingly (wool clothing, heavy duty boots, etc. forcoldernights).   


How can you help the camp?-

Bring supplies! 

The camp is always in need of supplies. For the most up to date list of needs, please contact the camp’s firekeepers at splitrocksweetwaterprayercamp@gmail.com. The following supplies are generally needed on an ongoing basis:

•Zero degree sleeping bags

•Jugs of water

•Food donations

•Portable phone chargers

•Solar panels with batteries

•Pine stick fire starters

•Hardwood burning wood for stoves

DONATE!  To donate login or create an account at PAYPAL then click "Pay or Send Money" and select "Send Money to Friends and Family"-Send money to splitrocksweetwaterprayercamp@gmail.com

Donate to the legal defense fund HERE  

Checks can be made payable to “Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp” and sent to the Ramapough Lunaape Community Center at 189 Stag Hill Rd, Mahwah, NJ 07470.


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