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On Family + Water Ceremony

  • Parkhurst, Gauteng, South Africa (map)

This workshop is focused on our original family. Where we come from and inherit habits, behaviour and thought patterns. It’s also the origin of our entanglements that lead to difficulties in relationships, health and finances. We will address these main topics based on Bert Hellinger’s Phylosophy, addressing Interrupted Movement; Guilt and Innocence; Gratitude; Losses and Damages; Forgiveness; Good and Evil; Link, Balance and Order; Symbiosis and Autonomy; and Adoption. 

Attendees will also experience a shamanic drum journey to meet with power animals, guided meditations, systemic exercises, shamanic family constellations, circular dance and a Sangoma Ritual of Water Purification. Our core group is going through an accredited program to become shamanic constellators, this is our second module. The full program is designed so people can join in at any of the 4 basic modules. After the workshop, you are welcome to join the main group, if you will.

Ryan and Leeane are hosting us in their beautiful home in Parkhurst. We’ll share meals together, either bring in your favourite dish or tip in to buy delicious food from nearby restaurants. Accommodations onsite are also available.

Time & Date: March 22, 23 from 9am to 7pm

Investment: Workshop ≈ 2,250 Rands; Private Consultation (± 1 hour) ≈ 890 Rands; Private Consultation with Ayahuasca (±3 hours) ≈ 2,670 Rands.

Bookings with Ryan Klette:, 082 552 0619

Guilherme Barcellos C.. Souza
Bachelor in Theatre Arts
Master in Spiritual Psychology,
Virginia Satir Practitioner and
25 years of Ayahuasca.

Iana Moreira A. Barcellos,
Holistic Therapist, Reiki 3A,
Acupuncturist, Massotherapist,
Traditional Chinese Medicine and
38 years of Ayahuasca.

Together They've Trained as:
Sangomas Thokoza, 
Vision Quest and
Sacred Dances
Family and
Business Constellations,
Trainers of Shamanic
Family Constellators,
Shamanic Journey Drum,
Quantic Radiesthesia,
Applied Kinesiology and
Amazon Flowers