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Ban Fracking in the Delaware Watershed- Deliver Petitions in PHL

  • Wanamaker Building Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (map)

Join us at the Army Corps of Engineers as we call on Governors of PA, NJ, NY, DE, and the Army Corps of Engineers to act to ban fracking in the Delaware!

Tens of thousands of people have signed petitions to the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) demanding a permanent ban on fracking in the Delaware River Watershed over the past weeks. Organizations from each state are delivering the petitions to the voting members of the DRBC in a Week of Speaking Out July 24 through 28. 

Join us Friday to deliver petitions to the Army Corps of Engineers, which acts as the Federal representative to the DRBC

There is an effort by industry to lift the current moratorium on gas drilling and fracking in the Delaware River Watershed. There are signs that DRBC staff may be listening to their threats. As we face Washington’s attack on our essential environmental protections, the danger of exposing the Watershed to the devastation of fracking is all the more pressing considering that President Trump’s representative on the DRBC, the Army Corps of Engineers, holds 1 of the 5 votes that will decide the river’s future.

17 million people get their drinking water from the Delaware River Watershed, including New York City and Philadelphia. Our water is clean because of Special Protection Waters regulations that don’t allow degradation of this Wild and Scenic River. 

DRBC’s de-facto moratorium prohibits permits for drilling since 2010 to protect the Watershed; we know, and science proves, that regulations can’t make drilling safe and, like New York and Maryland, the only way to prevent pollution is a permanent ban. 
Since February, hundreds of people have been protesting at the DRBC meetings calling for a ban. We spoke loud and clear: Ban Fracking in the Delaware River Watershed! 

Now the petitions signed by tens of thousands of concerned people will be delivered to the doorsteps of DRBC’s voting members so their voices are heard. 

It’s not too late to sign the petition to enact a permanent ban on all gas development, including drilling and fracking, in the Delaware River Watershed! Take action right now: