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Earth Day Celebration at Mill Cove

  • Mill Cove Environmental Center 3036 Mill Creek Rd Mansfield, Pennsylvania 16933 (map)

This will be edited as plans shape up.

We have a large booth booked for our inaugural appearance at Mill Cove's wonderful, long-running Earth Day event for the community. FB tends to change whatever time I enter (and re-enter) for Events-- the booth will be open 10am-3pm, with setup and teardown a half hour before and after.

Planned are 3 tables: info table, craft table, dvd-screening table, in a U-configuration, with chairs. My ADA scooter will be there, for myself and others to use to explore Mill Cove and other booths/activities.

Laptops with good battery longevity will be needed to screen 4 films all day.

The craft table will offer 2 activities: banner/sign making for the following weekend's People's Climate March, and/or making 2 Tree of Life communal projects. A crafty person to oversee these activities is needed.

The films:
. Racing Extinction (thanks, Rich Hanlon)
. An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore, pre-Paris)
. Before the Flood (DiCaprio, post-Paris)
. Climate Reality Project (2016 US segment)

The films will show on laptop screens at scheduled show times. (If it rains-- popcorn!)

Planning begins immediately. Email me FMI at (much better than FB PM's).