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Direct Action Gets the Goods

  • The Maas Building & 5th Side 1325 North Randolph Street Philadelphia, PA, 19122 United States (map)

Direct Action Gets the Goods!
The most drastic and usually the most effective remedy for fear is direct action.
William Burnham Woods

We had no alternative except that of preparing for direct action, whereby we would present our very bodies as a means of laying our case before the conscience of the local and national community.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Are you looking ways to protest the Trump Administration besides attending rallies and marches.? While these are totally awesome and needed, sometimes we need to go a step further and take DIRECT ACTION. Come learn the basics of Non Violent Civil Disobedience and how Strategic Direct Action can help create change against our governmental institutions and corporations. 

We are hoping to have this be a series of workshops that grows and covers a variety of topics around Direct Action and Civil Disobedience. 

Cathie Berrey-Green is a local Philly photographer with a long history of participating in and training people in NV Direct Action and Blockade techniques. She has been doing social and environmental activism for over 30 years and fought against many issues such environmental racism, Indigenous Rights, stopping nuclear testing, Free Tibet (which involved her leading a die-in in Tiananmen Square during the summer Beijing Olympics,), 
And has worked with the radical environmental group Earth First!, Food Not Bombs The Ruckus Society, and Occupy Philly to name a few.

Al Green is a Philly videographer and media producer. He did his first Direct Action in Beijing running comms for the action at Tiananmen Square. (nothing like starting BIG!!) He became involved in Occupy Philly and other social justice issues. He has attended countless protests and rallies and is currently trying to do FB live at as many protests as possible.

Katy Otto is a musician and writer with a history in activism. She grew up in the DC punk/activist community and was deeply involved in the IMF/World Bank protests of A16 in DC years ago. She's organized for reproductive rights, anti war organizing, and racial and economic justice.

If you are a workshop facilitator or trainer we would LOVE to hear from you. We are not from any specific group but would love to build a community of skill sharing. We just saw the need to get people trained so we thought we would put something together. 

Snacks and Childcare will be provided