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Song Circle for the People, Standing Rock Edition

  • Pittsburgh Art House 5903 Stanton Avenue Pittsburgh, PA, 15206 United States (map)

Come to a song-sharing circle, where we teach songs to each other with a focus on singing. Rattles will be here for people to use, as well as lyric sheets. If you have a drum and would like to play or allow someone else to, please bring it. The first hour shall be just singing, and then we will add the drums in. 

If you feel so called, please bring a song to teach us! We will use mostly English mantras (songs that are short, repeating, and easy to learn) to keep the musical singing flow going. It is a comfortable space to practice group harmonizing and breathing. The mantras feel so good to sing and lift up the spirit. Singing many of them in English helps plug our American culture and selves into the indigenous practice of community singing. People have brought songs to share from all over the world, and it's a really feel-good night. 

All different songs are welcome, but please bring a few copies of the lyrics if the songs are longer than a verse or two and harder to learn. Musicians, feel free to add chords along with the lyrics. If anyone has a song they'd like to share but have issues printing something in time, please send Genevieve Wallis a message or email her at at least a day before the event. 

This song circle is an effort in conjunction with O.W.L. Hollow and the 4th River Music Collective to bring singing circles to our music community, so we can create a positive space to grow our singing skills together :D

Any donations (donation 5 gallon jug in the house) raised for these events will go to the tuning of our beloved but not fully functioning Art House piano <333