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Benefit-Event: Voices from the Front Lines of Standing Rock

  • 2125 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA, 19103 United States (map)

Mothers Against METH Alliance & Red Warrior Society

DATE: Feb. 12, 2017
LOCATION: First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


We are pleased to announce that the Mothers Against METH Alliance & Red Warrior Society are traveling through Philadelphia (occupied Lenape territory) to share stories of resistance and report backs from the frontlines of Standing Rock and the fight against the Black Snake Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). 

Suggested donation $5-20. Funds will go to support M.A.M.A. & Red Warrior Society’s work and their tour “Ride For Resistance”. (No one will be turned away from lack of funds.) 

IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE IT TO THE EVENT BUT WOULD LIKE TO DONATE to support their work and tour you can send donations via PAYPAL TO:


Julz Rich (Lakota Tribe), founder of Mothers Against METH Alliance (M.A.M.A.) and member Red Warrior Society
Victor Puertas (Yagua Nation), member of the Red Warrior Society.

Liz Ellis (Peoria Tribe), historian and member of Philly with Standing Rock / Philly NoDAPL


Mothers Against METH Alliance (M.A.M.A.) out of the Pine Ridge Reservation in so called South Dakota has been fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline from the very beginning alongside with the RED WARRIOR SOCIETY. They are strongly building resistance to colonization in the many forms in which it manifests––in the Black Snake pipelines and addiction in both bodies and minds–wherever resource extraction is imposed onto their land and their people. They see the ways that colonization has attacked them, but as they state: “Our Warriors Are Strong, OUR ARROWS ARE SHARP.” -- 

Julz Rich -- is the founder of Mothers Against METH Alliance (M.A.M.A.) out of Pine Ridge. She is a Lakota Grandmother who works to rid the presence of meth on the reservation. She also founded the MAMA camp at Standing Rock to provide shelter and safety for mothers and children at the camp. She and her loving family are fierce land-defenders who have resisted the first proposed tar sands mine in the (so called) U.S., on Ute territory/Utah. She organizes educational prevention workshops in schools and the community, exposes dealers and meth houses, and all night patrols to give youth safe rides home at night.

Victor Puertas -- is a member of the Yagua nation in so called Peru. He is a fierce land and water protector who has been active in direct action mobilization against tar sands mining in Ute territory/Utah and has provided sustained solidarity to Lakota, Diné and other indigenous, anti-colonial and anti-border imperialist struggles.


ABOUT M.A.M.A., the Red Warriors Society and their joint tour “Ride For Resistance”, contact: 
Red Warrior Society
Mothers Against METH Alliance (MAMA)

ABOUT this benefit-event contact: 
Ray - or
Philly with Standing Rock / Philly NoDAPL -

Facilitated by Philly with Standing Rock / Philly NoDAPL:

We are a coalition of Native peoples and non-Native allies who have come together in this urgent moment to bring visibility and garner support for the Standing Rock Sioux in their fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Dakota Access, LLC is constructing a $3.8 billion oil pipeline in North Dakota across lands that are sacred and vital to the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. The fight to stop the pipeline is not only in defense of the environment and water supply of some 20 million people. It is also a movement to defend the culture, community, and sovereignty of Indigenous people. This assault continues in the long tradition of settler colonialism, wherein the land, waters, and bodies of Indigenous peoples have been seized and exploited by state, private and federal industries. Only by unifying to build a joint mass movement led by Indigenous people, with the support of other people of color and white allies, can we affect change and prevent further injustices against Native Americans. 

Facebook: Philly with Standing Rock - Sioux Defenders #nodapl
Twitter: @PhillyNoDAPL

This event takes place in Lenapehoking, occupied Lenape territory.