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Pipeline Hearing & Teach-In Klamath Falls, OR.

  • Oregon Institute of Technology, College Union Building 3201 Campus Drive Mt. Bailey and Mt. Theilsen Rooms Klamath Falls, OR 97601 (map)

2-7PM: Oil & Water "Teach-In" & Potluck (OIT, Mt. Mazama Room)
4-7PM: Pacific Connector Pipeline hearings with FERC

More info on submitting comments to FERC at
FERC has just scheduled a 30 day comment period and 3 public scoping hearing hearings related to the Jordan Cove LNG project. The hearings have been scheduled for:

June 27- Coos Bay
June 28- Roseburg
June 29- Klamath Falls
And NO hearing for Jackson County!

Scoping hearings are when the public and state agencies get to look through the impact studies the company has submitted and suggest other necessary impacts we want FERC to consider. We need you to show up and gove FERC your comments!

But first, weneed FERC to give us an extension on the comment period and hearings. Our federal senators have already agreed to ask FERC for an extension on comments and more time to prep for hearings in ALL impacted counties. Now, we need you to wtite to FERC today and tell them to extend the timeline and have hearings in all 4 impacted counties!

-Let FERC know 30 days is NOT enough time for the public to read thousands of pages of reports to assess what's missing. The company hasn't even filed all the reports yet. We need at least a 90-120 day comment period like we have received in previous years. 

- Hearings must be pushed back to allow for more public notice. 3 weeks notice isnt enough for a project of this size and interest! it is also important that hearings be held in ALL 4 impacted counties to maximize public participation. Brown must demand FERC hold a hearing in Jackson county!

For information and talking points on how to sbmit comments to FERC go to: