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Holiday Weekend Build Trip at Good Hearted People's Camp! (Nov 23-26 Harrah OK)

  • Good Hearted People Camp Harrah Oklahoma (map)

Thursday Nov 3 to Sunday Nov 26

Protectors of Water and Land are excited to lead a volunteer trip to Good Hearted People Camp (formerly Oka Lawa) in Central Oklahoma on Kickapoo land. 
We will be offering assistance in construction of tiny houses for this indigenous ecovillage created in the wake of Standing Rock to fight the Diamond Pipeline.
Message us if you want to donate supplies, money, or yourself for the trip!

Cash donations for lumber, food, travel expenses. We will buy construction supplies locally.

Non Cash Donations: Food, Camping Supplies

Volunteers: Building Experience Not Required! Also will want help with cooking for a large groups!

This will be our second trip. In June, 2017 we visited and learned that 90-94% of Oklahoma’s waters are federally impaired, fracking-caused earthquakes occur almost daily, and soils are poisoned statewide due to the profound impact of the fossil fuels industry in this state, which was established as a kind of concentration camp to contain over 50 tribal nations initiated with the Indian Removal Act of 1830. 

We see it as vital for native and non-native allies who live in the states like Missouri, where the original people forced to Oklahoma once resided, to actively support the healing of intergenerational trauma within these Oklahoma communities through indigenous-led initiatives like Good Hearted People’s Camp. 

We were deeply inspired by the camp founders’ vision to build a community to promote healing for native people across the region and to model ecological sustainability and resilience, and stand in prayerful resistance to the many violations of Mother Earth across the region by the fossil fuels extraction industry. 

We also have a special relationship with the camp because PWL founder Maya (Perry) Bigsoldier’s former partner, daughter and grandchildren are some of the founders of the original and current camp. 

From their page: 

The Good Hearted People camp is a spiritual, prayerful, peaceful camp for water protectors, land defenders, and our allies from across the land. Our purpose is to educate our relatives about the histories that brought us to where we are today, to decolonize and indigenize, to exchange stories and knowledge with other nations, to walk in prayer with those who come to visit, and to heal our people from the historic traumas resulting from colonization. This camp is meant for those who want to unite in a peaceful and non-violent way to build a better future for Oklahoman generations to come.