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Oilfield Prayer Day Protest (Oct 13 Oklahoma City OK)

  • Oklahoma Corporation Commission Public Utility Consumer Services Division 2101 North Lincoln Blvd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105 (map)

Oilfield Prayer Day Protest

Please join fellow Oklahomans outside the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) on Friday, October 13th at 9 am for a peaceful rally & demonstration to protest Governor Mary Fallin’s declaration of Oilfield Prayer Day and to join together to stand for Oklahoma’s water, land, air, people & future. 

What is Oilfield Prayer Day?
*Last year in 2016, Governor Mary Fallin declared October 13th, “Oilfield Prayer Day,” asking the citizens of Oklahoma to “pray for the oil.” Meanwhile, 90% of our water sources are contaminated by resource extraction, oil, gas, & other unnatural causes, we are home to “Pipeline Crossroads of the World,” we experience more earthquakes than anywhere else in the nation because of fracking & wastewater injection, our legislature passes laws protecting Big Oil and attacking Oklahoman’s First Amendment Rights (HB1123 & HB2123) while our teachers are panhandling for school supplies and our bridges are collapsing in major metropolitan areas, projects are not required to complete environmental impact statements (EIS), and our state makes it so oil & gas projects do not have to carry insurance on their projects or even consult with the communities their projects will impact. It is clear that Big Oil reigns supreme in Oklahoma - at the cost of the water, land, air, and people. Enough is enough!

Why the OCC? 
*The OCC is Oklahoma’s largest regulatory agency that oversees projects and decisions related to oil and gas, including fracking. With the increasing uptick of man-made earthquakes due to fracking and wastewater injection the time to stand up against corporate overreach, greed, and resource extraction is NOW. Whereas before 2009 earthquakes in Oklahoma were incredibly rare, we now experience an average of one earthquake per day, with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) only predicting MORE earthquakes with HIGHER intensity if fracking does not stop - this is directly correlated to the increase in fracking & wastewater injection. The OCC has the capacity, ability, and the understanding to intervene on behalf of the Oklahomans they are entrusted to serve and protect - their own website serves as a wealth of information regarding the links between fracking & earthquakes. Unfortunately, the large hold Big Oil has over the state of Oklahoma prevents many agencies from effectively and ethically doing their jobs so it is up to us - the PEOPLE of Oklahoma - to stand together and demand long-lasting and real change for the betterment of ALL Oklahomans.

We invite all communities and individuals affected by fracking & frackquakes to join us at the OCC to show the collective power of the people and to demand a new future for Oklahoma - one that involves clean water, clean air, clean land, and a care for the people. We will no longer tolerate being considered throw away people in a flyover state - we will no longer drink water poisoned by fracking and other oil & gas projects - we will no longer allow these companies to destroy our homes and communities - we will no longer allow Big Oil to pump their propaganda through our public school systems - we will no longer allow Big Oil to run rampant throughout our state. Please join us & share widely!

We extend a special invitation to all singers, drummers, and tribal leaders. 

Please stay tuned for an updated list of speakers and a program for the day’s events. We look forward to seeing you there as we work TOGETHER for an Oklahoma WE the PEOPLE can be proud of!