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March Against Monsanto - Columbus, OH

  • 1 Capitol Square Columbus, Oh 43215 (map)

Do you care about your health? Do you know what ingredients are in your food? Do you know what your household products contain? No?
This year this event will be more than picket signs and angry mobbers, actually, it will be nothing of the sort... This year I would like to peacefully dedicate Columbus, Ohio's March Against Monsanto to educating the community and bringing awareness to our city of the dangerous effects of Monsanto products. If you eat fast food or simply use weed-killer, your health may be effected from the toxins that Monsanto products contain! Many lives have been claimed or permanently damaged due to this company's neglect for human health. Please help me spread the word and help put an end to this hazardous company, the same company who was ordered to pay out nearly $50 million dollars to the lives effected by cancer causing chemicals that Monsanto knowingly poisoned the public with. Please read, please ask, please educate yourself!
Thank you