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Micro-plastics, the EPA, Fracking: You Choose! with Dr. Lanno

  • Backstage Bistro 503 S Front St Columbus, Ohio 43215 (map)

Get ready for Earth Month! We are very excited to announce Dr. Roman Lanno, OSU professor, as the April speaker for Columbus Science Pub. 

Roman got his PhD in 1991 in Canada at the University of Waterloo studying the toxic effects of cyanide on freshwater fish. In the 1990s he worked at OSU- Oklahoma State University that is, in the Water Quality Research Laboratory. Now, as a professor at our OSU and the Associate Director of the Subsurface Energy Resource Center, Roman studies the effects of chemical exposure both on land and in water. 

He has a number of ongoing research projects, so many in fact that he can’t decide what to talk about all on his own! He has narrowed it down to 4 choices and is leaving it up to you to vote. Voting will happen the evening of the Columbus Science Pub by a show of hands after a brief introduction. Topics could include:

- Function of the federal EPA-what does the EPA actually do? What would downsizing or abolishing the EPA mean for environmental and human health?

- Environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) – As usual, the truth lies somewhere between the environmental catastrophe claimed by environmental groups and the “trust us, it’s safe” attitude of industry. 

- Plastics in the environment (from micro to macro) – A recent addition to environmental worries, or not? Plastics are pervasive in the environment, even more than people thought, but are they actually a problem and are all plastics the same?

- How are environmental quality guidelines (e.g., lead in drinking water, as in Flint, Michigan) developed? This is part of what the EPA does, develop and set environmental quality guidelines, including drinking water standards. 

The presentation will start promptly at 7:30pm but we ask that if you'd like to order food before the event, please arrive early. A full bar and menu will be available from the excellent Backstage Bistro kitchen: (

The Columbus Science Pub is a free event that aims to present scientific issues in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. No science background? No problem!! Everyone and every question is welcome.