Nexus Pipeline-

The 256 mile nexus pipeline with travel through heavily populated counties in Ohio and will also travel through Michigan to Canada. As of right FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) HAS NOT approved of the project due to the lack of a quorum FERC isn't able to vote. Legal actions are pending on this pipeline so the fight is still going strong to put and end to Nexus.  Well before the route was proposed, surveyors have been entering private property in Northeast Ohio to prepare the construction job. In some cases, armed officers from the county sheriff's office have accompanied them. The Singer Lake Bog in Green Ohio is home to 50 rare or endangered species of plants and insects. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, which owns the property, fears a pipeline could damage it permanently. This $2 billion pipeline is owned by Enbridge whom has just merged with Spectra Energy to create one giant problem.

Who’s fighting this pipeline?-

NO Nexus Pipeline in Michigan & Ohio  

No Pipelies  

Coalition Against Nexus