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Matariki World Water Blessing

  • Wanganui, New Zealand (map)

Since the 2014 floods during the Matariki I have held a dream in my heart. In the dream there we were carrying a large vessel containing water from the ocean to the scource of the Whanganui. The vessel was being filled as we journeyed. In my dream blessed water from every single person who felt drawn to contribute filled the vessel to over flowing. This water carried the prayers and hopes of the people and the water protectors. When we reached the as far as we could travel we poured the water out into the Whanganui River. She carried the message to the seas and in myst to the skies and deep into the heart of the earth. The message that the people of the land are listening and we want to make the water well again. It is time to bring this vision from the dream time and into the real world if you feel my heart and you see my vision please collect some water from your location and bless it fill it with your prayers and your hopes and send it to Rebekah Renee Winchcombe 23 Bell st Whanganui Aotearoa New Zealand 4500 ..... As this vision unfolds and people step in to facilitate the celebrations we shall keep this page updated. Please if you are interested in being a part of any water blessings or associated celebrations please connect with Me. Ko ahau te awa, te awa ko ahau. I am the river and the river is me. #waterislife