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24 Hour Water Challenge - Te Kore Wai

24 hour water fast in Aotearoa New Zealand from first light 28 March 2017 to first light 29 March. No drinking water for 24 hours as a demonstration of committment and appreciation for our Wai - Our Beloved Water.

This time of fasting (wa i kore) is day and night of New Moon 28 March 2017. You should mentally prepare yourself. It will require commitment but it is not unachievable. You may find that you do not even eat food for it will seem strange to eat food without water or beverage. Minimise unnecessary words for there is vapour in your breath that is best used internally. Minimise extremes of emotions for you will consume precious fluids in your cells as you burn through emotional energy. You may give up smoking or drugs or whatever for this time. It is a day for self-reflection and inner strength. A time of humility and appreciation.

Break Te Kore Wai into achievable stages if you feel it is too much. Do 6 hours (Sunrise to Mid-Day). Review. Do 12 hour (Sunrise to Sunset). Review. Sunrise to Bedtime (16 hours). Review. The sleep will carry you through to sunrise 6AM or equivalent. Break Fast. Remember we must gain strength that others are doing it as well.

You may be at work surrounded by people drinking water. Use this to test and strengthen your resolve. If you are working in hard physical labour, just fill up with water before you start the day. This is not meant to be easy. 

A SIlly Point. 
You can sip and suck on money if you are thirsty. Place a $20 or $50 dollar note in your mouth for one hour to quench your thirst similar to the Apache pebble. This gives a $dollar value to your saving water effort by not drinking actual water during one hour of worktime. This may seem silly but it reveals the flawed Economic value of money versus real lifegiving power of clean water. One cannot drink money when thirsty. The picture in the Header is an example. Here is a Kiwi Blue Bottle containing Green Water from Lake Tutira, Hawkes Bay NZ. A freshwater lake that was once swimmable, fishable 20+ years ago. Now impacted by farming, forestry, roading runoff, 1080 pest control and other man-made causes. There are many other lakes and rivers similar in New Zealand. Around the world as well. This is why we are doing this 24 hour water fast.

When you break-fast the following day at 6am or equivalent daybreak, give thanks and appreciation for the water. Note how many glasses of water you drink? Be thankful. Then extend this gratitude forward. 

Ko tenei Te Wa. Te Wai. Te Kore. Tau Rawa!!.