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RED TOUR of NYC // mayday indigenous bloc

  • Grand Central Terminal 87 E 42nd St New York, New York 10017 (map)

Indigenous bloc takes Manhattan, for a whirlwind tour of contemporary colonialism! Tour features real live Indigenous peoples, dropping truth bombs about capitalist complicity in settler colonialism. Did you know the wall on Wall Street was built to keep the Lenape out of Dutch New Amsterdam? Did you know that oil and gas extraction is contributing to violence against indigenous women and girls? Did you know that THIS WHOLE CAPITALIST SYSTEM IS BUILT ON OUR BONES? If yes, come and show your solidarity with native nations and bring the fight to this settler heteropatriarchal machine. If no, get ready to listen and sage against the machine. Bring your signs, your banners, your voices, and your selfie sticks. 
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In the heart of empire, we're reminding New Yorkers that their convenience is our destruction. 

This tour is about to get political, this mayday is about to get decolonized.