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March to Bears Ears, NO to uranium - KEEP land(s) Sacred (March 30 Gallup NM)

  • 500 N 9th St Gallup, NM, 87301 United States (map)

This event is to Raise Awareness first, to Raise Conscious as well as a personal journey for myself and whatever comes out of it may be, my personal route through the wilderness will be parallel to the route posted on event. Also, a healing walk/march, whatever good ya wanna call it. I myself am setting up for a short time, then going east clockwise and back to Bears Ears in about 14-18 months, an approx. 1900 mile (+/-) journey. To all who come to make a stand, be mindful, there will be NO camp set up, we must make our own. #OCCUPY #RISEUPORFOLDUP #RESIST#GALLUPTOBEARSEARS #G2BE #DIVINEINTERVENTION #indigenousOR#theonlyculturesthisplanethasARENTamerican #DIVINEINTERVENTION #RISEUPORFOLDUP #OCCUPY #RESIST 03-30-2018#GALLUP2BEARSEARS #G2BE #indigenousOR #theonlyculturesthisplanethasARENTamerican #BCR #FAITHLOVETRUTH #RECLAIMING#MARCHTHIRTYTWENTYEIGHTEEN #NOSURRENDER
#indigorainbowcrystal #fourcornersNM #NO2uraniumandothers#NOMOREDIGGING #WarriorsoftheLIGHT Event is divided into 2 parts, couldn't do an event longer than 2 weeks, gtfoh lol!!! This is actually a 40-50 day (220 mile +/-) March/Hike to Monticello, Utah from Gallup, New Mexico, starting @ 7A promptly, March 30, 2018 West Gallup and approx. ending May 15, 2018, just for the Hike/March---I, myself will continue the Hike/March Northwest from Mexican Water to Natural Bridges, then Northeast to Bears Ears to set camp. ROUTE is as this, West Gallup, NM---Tse Bonito, NM/Window Rock, Az---Ft. Defiance---Sawmill---Chinle---Many Farms---Round Rock---Rock Point---Mexican Water---Bluff, Utah---White Mesa---Blanding---ending in Monticello. Those that do not want to continue North may continue the March back into Gallup, 4-5 miles east Raising Awareness from 7a-11a that morning once March/Hike starts. Starting point is 3-4 miles West of truckstops on Route 66, turns into 118 once you go further west, an area called Defiance, New Mexico, where Tsa Ya Toh/Defiance Draw Roads meet, we will meet and leave at the RR x'ing at 7A, or wherever you may be, we'll all meet up at the finish!!! 👉 🐻 PROTECT THE LAND OR PROTECT YOUR POCKETS 🐻 👉#DIVININTERVENTION #RISEUPORFOLDUP #OCCUPY #RESIST 03-30-2018 #GALLUP2BEARSEARS #G2BE #indigenousOR #theonlyculturesthisplanethasARENTamerican #BCR #FAITHLOVETRUTH #RECLAIMING #MARCHTHIRTYTWENTYEIGHTEEN

DISTANCES ARE APPROX. [ ] TsaYaToh - W.R. approx 21miles @5miles = 4days @9miles = 3days
[ ] W.R. - Ft.D approx 7miles @5miles = 2days @9miles = 1day
[ ] Ft.D - Sawmill approx 15miles @5miles = 3days @9miles = 2days
[ ] Sawmill - Chinle approx 38miles @5miles = 8days @9miles = 5days
[ ] Chinle - RoundRock approx 33miles @5miles = 7days @9miles = 4days
[ ] RoundRock - Mex.Water approx 36miles @5miles = 8days @9miles = 4days
[ ] Mex.Water - Bluff approx 31miles @5miles = 7days @9miles = 4days
[ ] ***Mex.Water - Mex.Hat approx 32miles @5miles = 7days
@9miles = 4days DRIVING - 47miles
[ ] ***Mex.Hat - BearsEarsWest&East approx 47miles @5miles = 10days @9miles = 6days
[ ] Bluff - WhiteMesa approx 15miles @5miles = 3days @9miles = 2days
[ ] WhiteMesa - Blanding approx 12miles @5miles = 3days @9miles = 2days
[ ] Blanding - Monticello approx 21miles @5 miles = 5days @9miles = 3days

Gallup to Bears Ears approx. 220 miles @3miles daily = 74days @5miles daily = 45days @8miles daily = 28days