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Teleworkshop to Stop Oil and Gas Pollution (August 7th- New Mexico/and Worldwide)

  • Worldwide webcast New Mexico (map)

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a dangerous order for a two-year delay on pollution safeguards that keep our kids healthy.
The EPA knows that freezing the protections that reduce oil and gas methane leaks puts our kids in danger - they admitted it.

The official notice from the EPA states "EPA believes that the environmental health or safety risk addressed by this action may have a disproportionate effect on children... Any impacts on children's health caused by the delay in the rule will be limited, because the length of the proposed stay is limited."

Click the link below to join a telephone workshop Aug. 7 or 8 on how to save these pollution protections.

There is no amount of time that it's OK for kids to breathe in pollution from the oil and gas industry.

The Rio Grande Chapter will host comment workshops over the phone on Aug. 7 and 8 featuring people who are directly impacted by this rule. We'll give tips on how to write and send your personalized comment to reach our goal of 25,000 comments. Personal comments are much more effective than form comments, and people power has proven to be quite powerful in influencing policymakers. 

No one voted for dirty, dangerous air. Let EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt know that the EPA methane stay is an assault on our health -- RSVP here to join our telephone comment workshop.

Tell Pruitt he should be protecting the public's health, not polluters - join one of our telephone workshops to learn how.

Talk to you soon, 
Camilla Feibelman
Director, Rio Grande Sierra Club