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2018 Next Generation Water Summit (April 29-May 1, Santa Fe NM)

  • Santa Fe Community Convention Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The 2nd annual Next Generation Water Summit will be held on April 29-May 1, 2018. The Summit focuses on water conservation and water reuse in the arid Southwest. It brings together builders, designers, architects and water professionals to share best practices and brainstorm new ones through charrettes.

In 2018, our featured keynote speaker will be Jonathan Overpeck. Overpeck’s visionary work has been at the forefront of the heated climate change public debates and identifying the risks to managing water resources, providing valuable insights into past climate variability and change in the Southwest. He will present on the Climate Change forecasted impact to the Colorado River flows. 

There are over 40 unique sessions planned with speakers from AZ, CA, CO, NM, TX. On the morning of May 1, we will hold two charrettes, where we will have multiple stakeholders dive into a challenging topic. These charrettes will have very limited seating, so sign up today!

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Danger to Our Groundwater: Fracking in ABQ Basin (April 3 Albuquerque NM)
6:30 PM18:30

Danger to Our Groundwater: Fracking in ABQ Basin (April 3 Albuquerque NM)

Hydraulic fracking in the highly fractured shale of the Albuquerque Basin poses a unique threat to our groundwater. The geology of the Albuquerque Basin is importantly different from that of the Permian and the San Juan Basins.

Geologist Don Phillips' presentation will clearly illustrate how this geologic difference makes hydraulic fracking so dangerous to our drinking water and our future. Phillips' presentation has already been seen by hundreds of concerned citizens and convinced many of them that hydraulic fracking cannot be safely done in the Albuquerque Basin. Come see for yourself.

The Presentation is sponsored by Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis and Bernalillo County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins.

Attend at the Vincent E. Griego Council Chambers, basement level of the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Center, 1 Civic Plaza NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102. The city council chambers holds 250 people so please attend and bring your friends.

This event will be livestreamed here on Facebook.

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March to Bears Ears, NO to uranium - KEEP land(s) Sacred (March 30 Gallup NM)
7:00 AM07:00

March to Bears Ears, NO to uranium - KEEP land(s) Sacred (March 30 Gallup NM)

  • 500 N 9th St Gallup, NM, 87301 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

This event is to Raise Awareness first, to Raise Conscious as well as a personal journey for myself and whatever comes out of it may be, my personal route through the wilderness will be parallel to the route posted on event. Also, a healing walk/march, whatever good ya wanna call it. I myself am setting up for a short time, then going east clockwise and back to Bears Ears in about 14-18 months, an approx. 1900 mile (+/-) journey. To all who come to make a stand, be mindful, there will be NO camp set up, we must make our own. #OCCUPY #RISEUPORFOLDUP #RESIST#GALLUPTOBEARSEARS #G2BE #DIVINEINTERVENTION #indigenousOR#theonlyculturesthisplanethasARENTamerican #DIVINEINTERVENTION #RISEUPORFOLDUP #OCCUPY #RESIST 03-30-2018#GALLUP2BEARSEARS #G2BE #indigenousOR #theonlyculturesthisplanethasARENTamerican #BCR #FAITHLOVETRUTH #RECLAIMING#MARCHTHIRTYTWENTYEIGHTEEN #NOSURRENDER
#indigorainbowcrystal #fourcornersNM #NO2uraniumandothers#NOMOREDIGGING #WarriorsoftheLIGHT Event is divided into 2 parts, couldn't do an event longer than 2 weeks, gtfoh lol!!! This is actually a 40-50 day (220 mile +/-) March/Hike to Monticello, Utah from Gallup, New Mexico, starting @ 7A promptly, March 30, 2018 West Gallup and approx. ending May 15, 2018, just for the Hike/March---I, myself will continue the Hike/March Northwest from Mexican Water to Natural Bridges, then Northeast to Bears Ears to set camp. ROUTE is as this, West Gallup, NM---Tse Bonito, NM/Window Rock, Az---Ft. Defiance---Sawmill---Chinle---Many Farms---Round Rock---Rock Point---Mexican Water---Bluff, Utah---White Mesa---Blanding---ending in Monticello. Those that do not want to continue North may continue the March back into Gallup, 4-5 miles east Raising Awareness from 7a-11a that morning once March/Hike starts. Starting point is 3-4 miles West of truckstops on Route 66, turns into 118 once you go further west, an area called Defiance, New Mexico, where Tsa Ya Toh/Defiance Draw Roads meet, we will meet and leave at the RR x'ing at 7A, or wherever you may be, we'll all meet up at the finish!!! 👉 🐻 PROTECT THE LAND OR PROTECT YOUR POCKETS 🐻 👉#DIVININTERVENTION #RISEUPORFOLDUP #OCCUPY #RESIST 03-30-2018 #GALLUP2BEARSEARS #G2BE #indigenousOR #theonlyculturesthisplanethasARENTamerican #BCR #FAITHLOVETRUTH #RECLAIMING #MARCHTHIRTYTWENTYEIGHTEEN

DISTANCES ARE APPROX. [ ] TsaYaToh - W.R. approx 21miles @5miles = 4days @9miles = 3days
[ ] W.R. - Ft.D approx 7miles @5miles = 2days @9miles = 1day
[ ] Ft.D - Sawmill approx 15miles @5miles = 3days @9miles = 2days
[ ] Sawmill - Chinle approx 38miles @5miles = 8days @9miles = 5days
[ ] Chinle - RoundRock approx 33miles @5miles = 7days @9miles = 4days
[ ] RoundRock - Mex.Water approx 36miles @5miles = 8days @9miles = 4days
[ ] Mex.Water - Bluff approx 31miles @5miles = 7days @9miles = 4days
[ ] ***Mex.Water - Mex.Hat approx 32miles @5miles = 7days
@9miles = 4days DRIVING - 47miles
[ ] ***Mex.Hat - BearsEarsWest&East approx 47miles @5miles = 10days @9miles = 6days
[ ] Bluff - WhiteMesa approx 15miles @5miles = 3days @9miles = 2days
[ ] WhiteMesa - Blanding approx 12miles @5miles = 3days @9miles = 2days
[ ] Blanding - Monticello approx 21miles @5 miles = 5days @9miles = 3days

Gallup to Bears Ears approx. 220 miles @3miles daily = 74days @5miles daily = 45days @8miles daily = 28days

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Rally! No fracking In Greater Chaco Canyon Landscape (Dec 14 Bernalillo NM)
3:00 PM15:00

Rally! No fracking In Greater Chaco Canyon Landscape (Dec 14 Bernalillo NM)

CALL TO ACTION! #ProtectChacoCanyon #StandWithBearsEars#ProtectTheSacred

-In wake of the reduction of #BearsEars and the staircase- Escalente monuments, it is apparent that our current administration will not respect Tribal sovereignty and consent. Attacks on sacred spaces in the Southwest are not new, Native lands have long been targeted by extractivist companies for the gas and oil deposits they sit on. 

In the greater Chaco region, Dine families are impacted heavily by fracking. Extraction projects result in an influx of violence against Women due to the presence of man camps, and environmental hazards including poor air and water quality remain long term heath risks. 

The numerous sacred sites among the greater Chaco landscape have significance to many tribes throughout the Southwest, Pueblo people consider the Chaco landscape holy ancestral territory. 

It is urgent that we continue to mobilize to protect the sacred! 

Join The Red Nation, Pueblo Action Alliance, and Dine/ Pueblo Solidarity to demand a moratorium on Fracking in the greater Chaco landscape.

- Demand that the Sandoval county Stoddard ordinance be tabled pending environmental impact statements and Tribal consent.

- Demand the recognition of Tribal sovereignty and ancestral territory!

-Thursday December 14th 3pm

1500 Idalia rd NE bernalillo NM

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The Back Water Resistance: A Tribute To The Protectors Of 1806 (Nov 20 Taos NM)
6:00 PM18:00

The Back Water Resistance: A Tribute To The Protectors Of 1806 (Nov 20 Taos NM)

Come join us on the anniversary of the events that occurred on the evening of November 20th, 2016 at the 1806 Back Water Bridge, Standing Rock, North Dakota. Share food, our stories and the bond that makes us family. 
Then sit with us and watch the first UNICORN RIOT feature length film, "Black Snake Killaz: A #NoDAPL Story" A raw look at the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance thru the eyes of REAL JOURNALISM. 
Black Snake Killaz is a feature-length documentary film about the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. This film explores actions taken by water protectors to stop the construction of the oil pipeline and highlights actions taken by law enforcement, military, and corporate mercenaries to quell the months-long protest. Black Snake Killaz timelines the historical events that unfolded in Standing Rock throughout 2016 and brings you the raw experience from many frontline actions to protect the water. Although the Dakota Access Pipeline is completed, the impact of the movement will be long-lasting. As fossil fuel extraction projects continue to impact some of the most vulnerable communities throughout the United States of America, the importance of the water protectors story grows. (Run Time: 120 minutes)

Black Snake Killaz (2017) was produced for non-profit educational purposes and is not to be sold or commercialized for any reason. Public screenings are allowed for non-commercial purposes only. This film is protected under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial license

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Fracking: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt (Oct 23 Albuquerque NM)
6:30 PM18:30

Fracking: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt (Oct 23 Albuquerque NM)

  • Albuquerque Center for Peace & Justice (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

A screening of Emmy Award winning movie, Split Estate, about fracking in Garfield County, Colorado, and the San Juan Basin.

Following the movie, 350 members will present a slide show and shocking first-hand experiences from the October 9 Fracking Reality Tour in Sandoval and San Juan Counties.

Imagine discovering that you don't own the mineral rights under your land (which you probably don't), and that an energy company plans to drill for natural gas two hundred feet from your front door. Imagine thinking you having little recourse, other than accepting an unregulated industry in your backyard. But what, in fact, can we do.

More about the film http://www.splitestate.com/index.html

The monthly 350 New Mexico Speaker Series is free and open to the public.

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Deepen your Dance with your Purpose Register > goo.gl/WjXk8Q (Sept 29-Oct 2 - Mora NM)
to Oct 2

Deepen your Dance with your Purpose Register > goo.gl/WjXk8Q (Sept 29-Oct 2 - Mora NM)

This will be a powerful experiential event for all of us to gain more clarity about our mission/purposes for which we have come to earth. We will have many opportunities in beautiful Northern New Mexico to drop deeper into our dance with our purposes through a unique council process, ecstatic dance, sweet lodge, sound healing playshop, shadow work, being in gourgous nature, playing together, sharing ourselves and creating community together. We will also learn some powerful grounded principles about how to bring our dreams and passions into physical reality with the clear steps to do so, with the support we need. Each person that comes will be sharing their heart dreams, wisdom and super importantly their authenticity accepting and loving each other for just where we are. We will create the container to be activated and strengthed by each other and leave with a support system to that supports us to fully live our purpose. We will leave with a blue print of our making on how to accomplish the next step in fulfilling our destiny.
Web Page to see details and register: Click on or put this in your browser:goo.gl/WjXk8Q

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Teleworkshop to Stop Oil and Gas Pollution (August 7th- New Mexico/and Worldwide)
5:30 PM17:30

Teleworkshop to Stop Oil and Gas Pollution (August 7th- New Mexico/and Worldwide)

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a dangerous order for a two-year delay on pollution safeguards that keep our kids healthy.
The EPA knows that freezing the protections that reduce oil and gas methane leaks puts our kids in danger - they admitted it.

The official notice from the EPA states "EPA believes that the environmental health or safety risk addressed by this action may have a disproportionate effect on children... Any impacts on children's health caused by the delay in the rule will be limited, because the length of the proposed stay is limited."

Click the link below to join a telephone workshop Aug. 7 or 8 on how to save these pollution protections. 


There is no amount of time that it's OK for kids to breathe in pollution from the oil and gas industry.

The Rio Grande Chapter will host comment workshops over the phone on Aug. 7 and 8 featuring people who are directly impacted by this rule. We'll give tips on how to write and send your personalized comment to reach our goal of 25,000 comments. Personal comments are much more effective than form comments, and people power has proven to be quite powerful in influencing policymakers. 

No one voted for dirty, dangerous air. Let EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt know that the EPA methane stay is an assault on our health -- RSVP here to join our telephone comment workshop.

Tell Pruitt he should be protecting the public's health, not polluters - join one of our telephone workshops to learn how.

Talk to you soon, 
Camilla Feibelman
Director, Rio Grande Sierra Club

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Tom Harjo: Portraits from Standing Rock
5:00 PM17:00

Tom Harjo: Portraits from Standing Rock

Please join FaraHNHeight Fine Art Gallery for Photogapher Tom Harjo's artist reception and opening exhibition Friday August 4th at 5pm. 

Portraits from Standing Rock: Artist Tom Harjo Statement-

"My journey to Standing Rock began with sadness and anger. I saw the Democracy Now! Video of DAPL Security releasing dogs upon unarmed men, women, and children and I was devastated.
How could this happen in 2016? How could a private corporation within America’s borders be so comfortable with using any means necessary to turn a profit? And why did the police stand by as this was happening? Why are Native people still seen as “merciless Indian savages” ?

To answer these questions I went to Standing Rock to support my Lakota brothers and sisters and to bear witness. As one of the few Native photographers in Camp, I was compelled to present something beyond the meager news coverage and the shaky Facebook videos. To accomplish this I chose still photography. With a photo, one has the ability to fully examine these moments in time.

A Lakota Elder at Standing Rock told me that we had an obligation, when we returned home, to share with others what we had experienced. So, these photos are my experience. Please enjoy the splendor of the Lakota Homeland, the beauty of the Camp community and take the opportunity to see what your local police department has become.

I am a Quapaw, Shawnee, Delaware, Muscogee (Creek), Seminole, and Cherokee Indian living in Albuquerque, NM."

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Film Screening: Awake- A Dream From Standing Rock
4:00 PM16:00

Film Screening: Awake- A Dream From Standing Rock

The Water Protectors at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation captured world attention as one of the biggest stories of 2016 through their #NODAPLpeaceful resistance. While many may (or may not) know the details, AWAKE, A Dream from Standing Rock captures the story of Native-led defiance that forever changed the fight for clean water, our environment and the future of our planet. The film is a collab­oration between Indigenous filmmakers, Director Myron Dewey, Executive Producer Doug Good Feather and environmental Oscar Nominated filmmakers Josh Fox and James Spione. It is a labor of love to support the peaceful movement of the water protectors.

Free to the public but asking for any donations you are willing to leave. 

PLEASE RSVP by marking "going" on this event page, ONLY if you plan on actually attending! Thank you and we greatly appreciate you ☺️

Ardovinos will be open before and after the film for those who wish to dine in! 🤗🙌🏽

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7th Generation Gathering for the Protection of Greater Chaco
10:00 AM10:00

7th Generation Gathering for the Protection of Greater Chaco


Check out the flyer for a quick rundown of this event! And please help spread the word!

In coordination with the All Pueblo Council of Governors' Greater Chaco Landscape Committee, we would like to cordially invite and encourage all New Mexico tribal youth to attend the Seventh Generation Gathering for the Protection of Greater Chaco on Saturday, July 8th from 10am-5pm at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. REGISTRATION IS FREE & WILL BEGIN at 9am!

In light of the growing movement among our native youth to actively re-engage in the protection of the life-affirming resources that have sustained our peoples since time immemorial, this gathering aims to center the complex situation of the Greater Chaco region to present opportunities for discussion and youth leadership development in the areas of environemtal justice and natural resource protection.

The goals of the gathering include:
1) Understand the significance of and our connection as tribal community members to cultural resources, natural resources, and economic sustainability, 2) Understand how the extractive industry (and other land-based industries) have affected community health with regard to the aspects mentioned above.
3) Talk about hopeful solutions and opportunities for further engagement and leadership.

We hope you’ll attend to represent your tribal nation. There will be local organizations providing information, resources, and opportunities for youth at the event along with live artists, a dance performance, and free food at lunchtime! We are also able to provide a partial travel reimbursement of $20.00 for the first 10 tribal youth councils to

RSVP by messaging our FB page or emailing mjnaranjo22@gmail.com.

Dine Pueblo Youth Solidarity

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Water is Life Festival
5:00 PM17:00

Water is Life Festival

The Water is Life Festival (Agua es la Vida) celebrates our Water and our communities' relationship to Water. 

Here in New Mexico we recognize that "water is life" and out of that truth we bring community together to experience performance, art, education, and stories from our personal and collective histories that remind us to take care of water for our community today and for our children's future.  

The festival is linked to Global Water Dances, a day where dancers all over the world dance for "safe water everywhere."

The Festival is free and open to people of all ages and abilities. Come and enjoy the solstice time evening with your friends, families, and neighbors!

Water provided for community by National Water Services

Food Truck Catering by Street Food Institute
local and traditional foods from our region
will be available between 5-8 (to purchase)

Community Water Procession beginning of the Festival
People will bring water from the river
led by the artist collective Rivers Run Through Us

Dance, Music, Spoken Word, Poetry Performances that honor Water at the Ampitheater:

to the Ampitheater 5:30
Blessing and introduction

Some of the performers, poets, and speakers/storytellers

Water poems, stories, music and dance
Beata Tsosie-Pena- poetry
Rujeko Sarah Dumbutshena- dance
Elise Gent and railyard community- dance
Deidre Morris-dance
Emmaly Weiderholt-dance
Miriam Sagan-poetry
Dan Pauli and Friends- Mbira music
Alicia Da Silva -poetry

The last hour of the festival: 7:15 till it's complete

Community Water Medicine Wheel Offering
led by the artist Hyda Maria
This will be at the arroyo under the bridge that leads to the amphitheater

For this people are very welcome to bring offerings that are natural and will decomplse or remain, things that are from the earth. (flowers, flower petals, earth, shells, crystals, (non GMO) corn meal)


Water Stories and Poetry corner

(Archiving our personal and collective water stories/histories audio recording will be available here) 

Water educational hub

different community groups will have tables and share what they do and how we can get involved to take care of our water and make our community cohesively stronger

Community Art Making around water (collaborative piece) 
Behind the amphitheater there is a large wall. There are also tables and spaces to work near that wall. We invite community to create a collaborative water piece using watercolors, pastels, markers, and other embellishments. We'll set it up so that people can work directly on the large sheet and also sit and create a tile, a portion that can be adhered to the piece when its done. 

Kindly help us. Bring materials that you can use and share with others . Brushes, Water colors, pastels, interesting adds, your creativity. All ages please.  

Produced by:
Dancing Earth
Rivers Runs Through Us
Not Afraid to Look


Santa Fe Botanical Gardens
New Mexico Dance Coalition
National Water Services
McCune Foundation

Want to help? (say yes, it's fun building a festival)

Volunteer or Intern:

Interning: As this is the making of a festival from the grassroots level by dedicated artists, you can really help us with calls, and letters and crossing things off. Want to learn how we do it with us?  
We'd love your help and will glady write you a letter of reccomendation that you can use for the next thing you do (school or work). We are working on stipends/honorariums for all who are part of the production. If we get it (grants to help pay for costs), you will be thanked with financial compensation (an honorarium/stipend) as well.  

Volunteering for the day of the event. 

We expect over 300 people.  
We will need help that day-- Like people, like being part of the mix in the center of all the action? email us at the address below to confirm your participation as part of the backbone of the festival. 


Write us at abcdartistsmakeart@gmail.com
Please use Intern or Volunteer in the heading. 
Please include a number where we can call you back. 

We are umbrelled under the New Mexico Dance Coalition
We gladly welcome Donations to help us make this so:

Tax deductible deductions here:

NM Dance Coalition
PO BOX 284
Santa Fe, NM 87504

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FrackOffChaco IIYC Youth Awareness Run 2017
to Jun 12

FrackOffChaco IIYC Youth Awareness Run 2017

  • Chaco Canyon National Historic Park (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The International Indigenous Youth Council and native youth in the Four Corners Area invite you to participate in this nearly 80-mile youth run to help bring attention to fracking in the Greater Chaco Area and the negative health effects fracking has on the local communities. The run will start at the Chaco Canyon Visitors Center and end at the Bureau of Land Management offices in Farmington, NM. 

The Greater Chaco Region is a checkerboarded area of Tribal, state, federal, and allotment land. The Bureau of Land Management has approved more than 400 new fracking wells without adequate Tribal consultation or protections for community health, water and climate impacts. Fracking development threatens ancient Chaco culture and sacred sites and also Navajo people and living communities in the area who have been dealing with the impacts of resource extraction for decades.

Please help native youth protect our health, our future and our Mother Earth. 

We will run throughout the day and set up tents in the evenings at a predesignated camping area. We will host "Southwest culture nights" during our camping hours which will consist of songs, stories, prayers and ceremonies shared by Southwest elders from the area. These culture nights will be open to the public with dinner provided for those who attend. 



Wear sunscreen and bring your indigenous resistance with you! 

For more information contact Lauren at howland4114@gmail.com
#FrackOffChaco #InternationalIndigenousYouthCouncil #NavajoNation#DoodahFracking #StopFracking #GetTheFrackOut#DontFrackWIthOurAir #DOPE

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The End of The Line: A True Story of People and Pipelines (Docum
6:00 PM18:00

The End of The Line: A True Story of People and Pipelines (Docum

  • Albuquerque Center for Peace & Justice (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join Food & Water Watch for an inspirational documentary film about a diverse community that came together and defeated a large oil/gas pipeline backed by two major energy companies! We will discuss oil/gas and fracking and the role Food & Water Watch plays in this fight. Whether you'd like to learn how to become an activist and get more involved or you just want to learn more about this issue, this film is a great opportunity for both! Doors open at 5:30. This event is FREE. 

Please contact Lars Panaro at 750-4919 or lpanaro@fwwlocal.org with any questions.

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Dear Patriarchy,
8:00 PM20:00

Dear Patriarchy,

A benefit show for those fighting to protect Mother Earth

Indigenous Women Empower The Resistance

This event centers women, acknowledging their work at paving the way in Indigenous art, music, resistance movements and their continued nurturing of our communities. In appreciation for their hard work and accomplishments, we are showing our love and respect with this event, and creating a space for our Indigenous communities and allies to come together. By honoring our women, we are honoring the earth. You can’t have one without the other.

As indigenous women we acknowledge our queer, trans, two-spirit and non-binary communities and acknowledge that we have a lot of work to do; to walk together, to fight patriarchy together and move forward together.

Artist Lineup:

NAHKO and Friends, Winona LaDuke, Radmilla Cody, Rulan Tangen of Dancing Earth, Tazbah Rose Chavez, Rose B. Simpson, Whisper, Say Wut?! The Beatbox Queen, Nicolefthand, Jennifer Kriesberg, Tanaya Winder, Freyr A. Marie, Miss Ginger

*come early to explore Meow Wolf Art Complex! (closes at 8pm), then join us for an evening of spoken word, live music, performance, a very special intimate set by NAHKO & Friends, and the night ends with a DJ set by Miss Ginger (performance times TBA)

*on site screen printing of Dear Patriarchy, logo design on your gear with a donation to the resistance! 

Ticket pricing $20 and up (This is a fundrasing event)

*Funds and awareness raised for Indigenous led projects throughout the Southwest fighting to protect Mother Earth. 

*All Ages, under 15 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 

*KEEP IN MIND: This event will most likely sell out!!!  
SO although no one will be turned away at the door for a lack of funds, if it is a sold out show (through pre-sale tickets or happening night of), we will not be able to allow anyone into the venue past capacity. (venue capacity 400)

More about the event:

We would like to take this opportunity to remind Indian Country of the amazing work that women are creating here in the Southwest by hosting a jam called "DEAR PATRIARCHY,". This event will provide a space for our Indigenous communities and their allies to come together to support art and music in relationship to resistance and the protection for Mother Earth. This event centers Indigenous women and acknowledges their work in paving the way for Indigenous art, music, resistance & for continuing to nurture our communities. In appreciation for their hard work and accomplishments, we are showing our love and respect with this event. By honoring our women, we are honoring the earth. You can’t have one without the other. From what has taken place at Standing Rock to recent immigration policies, Indigenous people have been faced with immense trauma this year. Our people need a good party to let loose, restore, heal, connect and to be inspired to push forward. The Southwest is a huge mecca for art and inspiration, and we want to celebrate the strength in this place. “DEAR PATRIARCHY,” will provide a space for connection and healing through music and art, creating an environment to honor women, OG activists (both native and non-native) and the youngins that love art and music and are also trying to find their connection back to Mother Earth. 

The funds generated through this event will aid Indigenous led projects in the Southwest that are fighting to protect Mother Earth & Mother Water. Regardless of what direction we go in we are all striving to make our communities better and all we have is each other. From fracking Chaco Canyon to direct action in shutting down one of the dirtiest coal fired power plants in the Nation, support is needed, resistance is necessary. Funding will also support the Indigenous art movement as art plays a crucial role in resistance to extractive industry. It is important to give individuals the opportunity to think critically about the injustices in their communities. Even more important, however, is the message that Indigenous voices deserve and need to be heard. To see art with a strong message, drives individuals to begin thinking about the impacts resource extraction has on their own health, the environment, and how it all ties into the alarming rates of cancer and respiratory illnesses. Coal, uranium, fracking, water mining, and GMO farming, all contribute to poor health. In the Southwest, water wars are beginning and a battle between human survival or the survival of the extractive economy are real. People need an avenue to break away from the entrenched poverty and environmental destruction that plagues our reservations, which is an epidemic across all Indian Country. But art heals, WE ARE ART!

A special thanks to Honor the Earth and Broken Boxes Podcast and Meow Wolf for your work and support in making this event possible!

Honor the Earth

Broken Boxes

For more information contact Kim Smith: missindigenous@gmail.com

*This same weekend in April is when Gathering of Nations Powwow comes to Albuquerque, New Mexico. GON is one of the largest annual Native gatherings in the United States, with over 500 tribes participating. GON satellite events for young folks are often fashion shows, capitalism based and club culture events. Powwow events traditionally are intended as a social gathering, backed by community support, traditional song, dance, creativity, self-expression and art. Unfortunately, when these events become so large, they often get distorted and create a culture where Native peoples are romanticized and exploited. As young Indigenous folks, we see the need to come together and reclaim our community spaces, to bring back the flava and that essence of community to this time of year in New Mexico, and to do it in a beautiful and healing way. “DEAR PATRIARCHY,” will not be a typical Gathering of Nations satellite show, we are coming together to celebrate women artists and leaders in a space that celebrates art as a core fundamental (Meow Wolf). So let’s bring the essence back into the “gathering of nations”!

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Indigenous Flood - United Nations : NYC - Come to New York!
to May 5

Indigenous Flood - United Nations : NYC - Come to New York!

The Flood never came to Standing Rock, so let's bring the Flood to the United Nations. 

From April 24th to May 5th the United Nations in New York City is holding the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, also known as PFII. Typically, these forums lack Native American representation, and often have Non-Natives speaking on behalf of Natives and their issues. This ends now. 

For two weeks, we need to show New York, The UN, and the world that Indigenous People are here, and can speak for themselves. 

The world will not forget what happened at Standing Rock. The world will no longer ignore the conditions on reservations, and the issues effecting indigenous people around the globe. 3/4 of the world's population are indigenous, and it's time they stop forgetting that. 

There are multiple levels of events within this forum, some more exclusive than others. We want to come out in full force at every level. From top to bottom. From panels at the UN headquarters to flash mob round dances in Time Square, we are going to Flood New York City. 

Whether you are registered for the forum or not, we are asking for all indigenous people and allies to come to New York City and show your support. As the strongest of warriors take the United Nations to speak, they will have the support of their brothers and sisters outside, praying, singing, marching and standing in solidarity. 

Thousands came to Standing Rock. Thousands came to DC. And we can do the same in New York City. 

We are planning a plethora of events, from demonstrations, to speaking engagements, to gatherings and dances and celebrations. For two weeks, let's make New York City our new home. 

More details to come as this develops and grows. 

If you would like to register your own group for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (PFII) in New York City. http://bit.ly/PFIIRegistration

Deadline March 30th 2017

Inexpensive Bus resources : 

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Update of Fracking Expansion Impacts
6:00 PM18:00

Update of Fracking Expansion Impacts

We are all water protectors community meeting
Discussing the Sandoval County Oil And Gas Ordinance update and fracking expansion. We will be discussing what should be in the ordinance and how the current draft is inadequate. We will have a short presentation on Health effects from Fracking in a community and what we can expect if this industry is going to be allowed and who is going to pay for these impacts. We will discuss pipeline safety issues and what happens to a community when their fight fails, and what are the next options.

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Learn About the Campaign to Stop Fracking in Greater Chaco
7:30 PM19:30

Learn About the Campaign to Stop Fracking in Greater Chaco

We hope you will join AWF for a presentation from Miya King-Flaherty, the Public Lands Fellow at the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club. Miya will provide an update on the activities of the Frack Off Greater Chaco campaign to stop fracking in Greater Chaco.

Miya's work with the Sierra Club is focused on educating people about the effects of fracking in the Northwestern region of the state. Miya works extensively with different communities in the Four Corners region to build grassroots support to resist the harmful impacts of fracking on communities. She campaigns on environmental issues related to oil and gas development near Chaco Culture National Historic Park.

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Kick Some Fossil Fuel Ass! Meetup
3:00 PM15:00

Kick Some Fossil Fuel Ass! Meetup

Join the Battle!

I guess you have all heard that the APW site was hacked again on the first week of the New Video and eBook launch. (Week of 3/23) Over 400 Cyber Bots with Russian Email adresses attacked our site the day we launched our new video. You can watch the video below that the fossil fuel elites don't want you to see.

Well, that won't stop us.

We will be holding a meetup on Tuesday from 3:00 to 6:00 at the Iconik Coffee Roasters where supporters will bring their computers and put in a few hours sharing our posts, reaching out to Twitter and contacting blogs. 


We also need to get it out on those other platforms.
Call me today if you use those other platforms such as:

This is the time Kick Some Fossil Fuel ASS. Thanks and May the Parallel Be With You.


Alan: 505 316-0449
Robert: 505 204-4221

Here's the video that the fossil fuel industry hates.

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Meeting Sandoval O&G Ordinance and Regional Fracking Expansion
10:00 AM10:00

Meeting Sandoval O&G Ordinance and Regional Fracking Expansion

Bob Wessley the talk is on what attributes a Sandoval ordinance could contain, and why those attributes might be advisable. It will then be up to the Commissioners (P&Z and County), the industry paid lobbyists, and any vocal members of general public who choose to show up to decide how intensely to include each of those attributes.

Peg Breault will be speaking on the "Effects of Fracking on Human Health". “The threats to health associated with fracking include industrial-scale water consumption and contamination; air pollution, particularly by volatile organic compounds (VOCs); seismic effects; and the generation and management of large quantities of toxic liquid waste. In addition, fracking’s long-term impacts on freshwater aquifers are a significant threat to our limited drinking water supplies..." -- Physicians for Social Responsibility

Asha Canalos will be speaking on pipeline safety issues and potential public safety impacts on New Mexico Communities. 

We will be giving a overview on oil drilling production and development of fracking threats to the region. The Sandoval County Ordinance written by industry and OCD Industry oligarchs with no protection for drinking water and air, public health and safety. Once the P&Z Commissioners are seated by an illegal attempt to sit industry friendly P&Z board members the public meetings will start. We Need Your Support! Please come to the meeting to learn how to protect your water, air and land.

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