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Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Camp

A Gathering for Celebration, Community, Movement Building, Ecology, and Land Defense!

Join us this Memorial Day weekend for a tour of sacred lands threatened by the proposed Southern Nevada Water Authority groundwater pipeline. We will spend three days visiting the communities affected by the water grab, learning about the project and the threatened sacred lands and waters. For those already familiar, we’ll also be holding workshops on the ecology and politics of the region at a basecamp in Spring Valley. The tour will begin at Cleve Creek campground, 12 miles north of Highway 6-50 on road 893, at the base of the Schell Creek Mountains.

Driven by real estate speculation, the Southern Nevada Water Authority—the corporate-like utility that provides water to the Las Vegas area—is planning to extract millions of gallons of water annually from the eastern Great Basin.

The Great Basin is a beautiful and remote place, full of rugged limestone mountains, broad valleys, a startling array of wildlife, and some of the remotest locations in the west. It is sacred to many indigenous people like the Goshute, Shoshone, Paiute, and Washoe nations, who have lived and died here for countless generations.

The Water Tour will take place in Eastern Nevada, beginning near Great Basin National Park and continuing through Spring, Snake, Cave, Lake, and Delamar Valleys. Though we’ll be near the full-service towns of Ely and Baker, we will otherwise be mostly on remote dirt roads.

This is a family-friendly event. All are welcome.

More details forthcoming, this event will be similar to the 2016 event which can be found here: