Native Roots Camp - South Dakota

Amos and Phyllis Bald Eagle invite all water protectors to Native Roots Camp on their family's land on the Cheyenne River Tribe Reservation near Howes, South Dakota. This is a Gathering for water protectors to heal- body, mind, and spirit. Along with teaching the traditional Lakota Way of living, they will also be creating a small organic farm and green house. This is a community effort and they look forward to sharing this experience with all of their tiospaye - that means You! their goal is to bring back Their way of life by teaching the youth and allies - from their hearts to yours.


What are they fighting?-

This camp stands against the Keystone pipeline which is planned to run very near their Tribal Home and Lands.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes! They are in need of water protectors!


Where is camp?-

The camp is located on the Cheyenne River Reservation near Howes, South Dakota


How you can help camp-

Go to camp! Go and help defend these lands! 

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