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Divest US Bank + Defund DAPL

  • Mizzou Energy Action Coalition University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri 65201 (map)

Join Mizzou Four Directions - Indigenous Peoples and Allies & Mizzou Energy Action Coalition in the #DefundDAPL student movement by shutting down our dirty bank accounts. From Seattle* to Norway* cities and institutions are divesting from dirty banks in an effort to honor Indigenous rights, protect our natural waters, and save our planet's precious climate. US Bank has 275 million dollars invested in Dakota Access Pipeline parent companies, which is why we are hosting a Mizzou student divestment at the US Bank on campus. This action not only sends a powerful message to US Bank, but to the University of Missouri, who had over 200,000 dollars invested in Energy Transfer Partners in the fiscal year 2016. 

We will gather at Speakers’ Circle at 11:45 and march to the US Bank located in the Student Center, where students who are ready can close their bank accounts (see below for detailed instructions). The march will include chanting while outside of the Student Center and continue as a silent presence once inside. We will NOT be blocking by-standing students from accessing the bank or other resources; simply silently standing to the side with our signs. If you don't bank with US/aren't ready to divest by next Friday - that’s fine! Join us by marching. Signs and chants provided :) 

Ready to SHUT IT DOWN?!: 
1) Open up a new bank account BEFORE closing your old one
2) Cancel or transfer any electronic withdraws, like your rent, Spotify, Amazon, etc. Banks WILL REOPEN your account if there is a withdrawal and you will be fined. 
3) Re-direct your direct deposits to your new bank account, including work checks, financial aid, etc. 
4) Get a statement from the bank that your account is closed  
5) Log that you #DefundedDAPL online:

Don't bank with US? Learn which other banks are invested in DAPL here:

Additional advice:

Advice on closing an account with US Bank, from US Bank: 
“If you intend to close your account: If you intend to close your account with us, you should tell us; simply transferring all the money in your account and reducing your account balance to $0.00 is insufficient notice and may result in additional fees charged to your account.
If you close your account, 
1. you are still responsible for transactions you arranged for, including those that arrive after the account is closed; 
2. you should pay special attention to pre-authorized electronic deposits to your account and payments from that account; you should reroute the deposits to another account and make other arrangements for the payments, with us and the other institutions involved; 
3. you should not close your account until all the transactions you arranged for have been cleared, and you should leave enough funds to clear them and the fees that might be due; and
4. if it is an interest-bearing account, accrued interest will not be paid.”