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Mission Flint Anniversary Drop

  • City of Flint 1101 S Saginaw Street Flint, MI, 48502 United States (map)

On Memorial Day Weekend of 2016 a commitment to our neighbors several states away was formed. Travelling in a broken 27-foot Penske truck, with two pallets that had broken open in the back during a test drive from the Road Assistant guy, with two squads waiting, in College Station, PA and Columbus, OH respectively, the Universe asked "Are you going to bow out? You're still in Jersey. You could." Mission Flint responded with a firm and resounding "NO!" and proceeding with undeterred dedication. Our word had been given. Our neighbors were in need. Our caravan awaited.

We were met exhuberantly on the road, hours late, to our comrades. Open arms, open hearts, made of gold. This 1st trip to Flint is Legend. The godforsaken Penske truck would not be denied, nor would the activists who vowed to wait for her. We made it. And it changed us all.

Since then the squad morphs; swelling, waning, but the Family we are welcomes one and all, United as One, Divided by Zero.