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Water Ceremony to commemorate Standing Rock (Nov 20- Grand Rapids MI)

  • Riverside Park Grand Rapids Mi Grand Rapids, Michigan (map)

The Grand Rapids Water Protectors are hosting a Water Ceremony to commemorate the first anniversary of the 11/20/2016 Backwater Bridge Blockade Standoff.

If you have no idea what we're talking about, you're not alone. That was by design, as the Standing Rock movement was largely kept from the mainstream media narrative. It's a long story, that you can see and read from eyewitness and participant reports archived at this link -

If that's a bit tl:dr for you, here's an article describing the standoff -

As for our commemoration ceremony, please join us at Riverside Park's central pavillion (by the sports fields, where the Pow Wows are held in the spring and fall) at 5:30pm on 11/20/17 for gathering and fellowship. At 6:00pm, we'll be led to the river by members of the Summer Cloud Singers for a Water Ceremony officiated by Lori Beck.

If you attend, please be sure to bring:

Warm clothes and blankets. It's always colder on the water, and we'll be out after the sun goes down. We will be building a fire in the grills by the water, but that only provides so much warmth for a small area.

Flashlights or camp lanterns, so we can all see the ceremony! The more light, the better.

Comfortable seating, if needed.

(cover photo by Driley S. for GQ Magazine)