Mariner East II Pipeline-

This 306-mile pipeline will move propane and other natural gas liquids across southern Pennsylvania and has just received the green light to begin construction. Mariner East II is to run from Washington County across Pennsylvania to Marcus Hook in Delaware County. The pipeline is to extend into Ohio and West Virginia as well. It is to have off-load points in Pennsylvania, but its products also are to be shipped out of state. The route takes it through Cumberland County PA, where several residents fought a court battle to keep it off their land. Commonwealth Court found that Sunoco Logistics, which are the owners of this pipeline, is a "public utility corporation" that has the power to seize private land for its multi-state pipeline, and in December 2016, the state Supreme Court refused to hear the land-owners' appeal.

Who’s fighting this pipeline?-

Mountain Watershed Association  

Southeastern PA Sierra Club  

Faherty Law Firm  

Camp White Pine (resist Sunoco)    Facebook page