Ma'iingan Prayer and Cultural Camp - Minnesota

Ma'iingan Prayer and Cultural Camp is a sanctuary camp focused on cultural knowledge of the Anishinaabe people. They are dedicated to creating a self-sustainable community, sharing ancestral knowledge, caring for the environment and our animal relatives, and giving back to Mother Earth.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes this camp is currently accepting water protectors.


Where is camp?

5759 Alborn Brookston Road, Saginaw, MN 55779


What to expect at camp-

Have appropriate clothing and shoes for the weather during your stay. Work clothes, gloves, etc.
• Bring your camping gear! We usually have some space free, but this cannot be guaranteed.
•While we do prepare community meals, more food is always needed! Bring some and donate it to main supply and join us for dinner!
•Spread the word to your circle and let them know you are going and see if they have the ability to donate firewood, supplies, or labor!
•Smudge and pray
Camp Rules:
•No drugs, alcohol, or weapons
•No aggressive or violent behavior
•Respect the space around the Sacred Fire
•Respect all other people in camp and that you encounter coming and going from to camp


How you can help camp-

Go to camp and be a part of these amazing people! Donate to camp here: Paypal is

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