Lax U'ula Camp - Canada

Watch this video about Lax U’ula Camp 


Can you go to camp?-

They welcome Lax Kw'alaams members and other supporters, please call for further instructions   1-250-600-6643


Where is camp?-

British Columbia Canada


How you can help camp-

Donate to the camp HERE  

Send supplies! To send supplies contact them first here or call 1-250-600-6643 

Heres a list of need supplies:

Waterproof cameras with video capacity (and memory cards)

- Generator (Hondo 3500 or similar) 

- $$$ for Boats and fuel 

-Any kind of rope

-AA and AAA batteries

-Gasoline, Outboard oil

-Outboard motors

-Propane/tanks for cooking, washing dishes, and heating/drying -Tents

- Halibut hooks & any other halibut gear

- Rainboots of all sizes, Good rain gear


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