Lake Powell Pipeline-

This is a proposed water pipeline taking water from the Colorado River to provide additional water to Washington County, Utah. The project consists of approximately 139 miles buried of 69-inch pipe from Lake Powell to Sand Hollow Reservoir near St. George. It also includes pumping facilities near Glen Canyon Dam with booster pumping stations along the pipeline alignment to provide the approximately 2,000 foot lift needed to carry the water over the high point in the pipeline. This complicated array of 140 miles of pipelines, pumping stations, reservoirs and generators would cross state, federal and Indian lands. This $2 billion project would divert as much water as 700,000 average Americans use in a year, 2,000 feet uphill across 140 miles of desert to provide just 150,000 residents in Southwest Utah with more water—primarily for watering their lawns. This pipeline is still in the proposed process, but there are organizations already fighting this.

Who's fighting this pipeline?-

Utah Rivers Council

Western Source Advocates

Utah Sierra Club

Citizens for Dixie