Island Gas Connector Pipeline and Malahat LNG

Oklahoma-based Williams is working with Vancouver-based Steelhead LNG to explore building and operating the proposed Island Gas Connector – an estimated 81-mile underground and underwater pipeline system that would deliver Canadian-sourced natural gas to Steelhead LNG’s proposed Malahat facility on Vancouver Island. The pipeline would begin in the United States and end in Canada. The pipeline would run approximately 34 miles in Washington state from Sumas to the Birch Bay/Custer area. Approximately 47 miles would be placed on the seabed in the Salish Sea between the Birch Bay/Custer area. Steelhead LNG is also proposing to build a floating natural gas liquefaction and export facility on the shoreline of Malahat Nation-owned Bamberton Industrial Lands approximately five miles south of Mill Bay, BC, in the Saanich Inlet of Vancouver Island. Sadly the Malahat Nation signed a deal to move forward. BUT the WSANEC First Nations stressed that they are highly opposed and they further seek cessation of any activity on the territory.

Who’s fighting this pipeline?-

Saanich Inlet Network