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IUB Truth Forum

  • 1375 East Court Avenue Des Moines, IA, 50319 United States (map)

The Iowa Utilities Board has been taken to court over their abuse of eminent domain and mismanagement of the permit they authorised for Dakota Access Pipeline to construct an oil pipeline from the Northwest corner of Iowa to the Southeast corner and under the Mississippi River. The corruption in this department runs deep and it’s up to the people of Iowa to call this board out. Please join us at the monthly IUB meeting and take your two minutes to testify to this fact. We need to waken the masses and make sure that Iowans receive justice for the corruption that Branstad fostered during his time as governor. 

The Iowa Supreme Court is going to hear the case of both Iowa landowners and the Sierra Club. The two cases are asking for different things. The landowners are asking to have the decision about eminent domain reversed but are not challenging the IUB permit directly. The Sierra Club is challenging DAPL’s permit.

This is how we can intervention: 
A) Media. We want to shift the public opinion and the Supreme Court Justices’ opinion to see that the permit was granted on illegitimate grounds. We need letters to the editors, meetings with editorial boards and others. Several of us are working on talking points to share.
B) Amicus Briefs. We are trying to find organizations and individuals to file what are called Amicus Briefs or “Friend of the Court” Briefs. We can raise lots of other details in Amicus briefs that the Sierra Club and landowners can’t raise. Individuals can file their own and Wally and I are going to help draft a template so people can file these. We are also looking for some lawyers to help draft briefs for organizations.

The IUB has very little say over Dakota Access now except if DAPL violates any of the conditions of the permit.  
A. Insurance: We are following up on the fact that their insurance expired March 15th 2017. We believe that they have filed new insurance policies but demanded they keep them confidential. My understanding is that they are not entitled to keep the policies confidential except for the name of the company and the the cost of the policy.  
B. We need to begin a drumbeat of thinking that suggests the IUB could revoke the permit if there is a spill. This also requires a public media campaign. We don’t want them just cleaning up the mess, we want it revoked.
C.Parental guarantees: We have to stay on top of them filing irrevocable parental guarantees. We believe that they have not filed the new Marathon Enbridge papers.
D. We want to file a motion to compel DAPL to release actual numbers for how many people were hired in Iowa and what they were paid.