Indigenous Flood - United Nations : NYC - Come to New York!
May 5

Indigenous Flood - United Nations : NYC - Come to New York!

  • New York, NY

The Flood never came to Standing Rock, so let's bring the Flood to the United Nations. 

From April 24th to May 5th the United Nations in New York City is holding the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, also known as PFII. Typically, these forums lack Native American representation, and often have Non-Natives speaking on behalf of Natives and their issues. This ends now. 

For two weeks, we need to show New York, The UN, and the world that Indigenous People are here, and can speak for themselves. 

The world will not forget what happened at Standing Rock. The world will no longer ignore the conditions on reservations, and the issues effecting indigenous people around the globe. 3/4 of the world's population are indigenous, and it's time they stop forgetting that. 

There are multiple levels of events within this forum, some more exclusive than others. We want to come out in full force at every level. From top to bottom. From panels at the UN headquarters to flash mob round dances in Time Square, we are going to Flood New York City. 

Whether you are registered for the forum or not, we are asking for all indigenous people and allies to come to New York City and show your support. As the strongest of warriors take the United Nations to speak, they will have the support of their brothers and sisters outside, praying, singing, marching and standing in solidarity. 

Thousands came to Standing Rock. Thousands came to DC. And we can do the same in New York City. 

We are planning a plethora of events, from demonstrations, to speaking engagements, to gatherings and dances and celebrations. For two weeks, let's make New York City our new home. 

More details to come as this develops and grows. 

If you would like to register your own group for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (PFII) in New York City.

Deadline March 30th 2017

Inexpensive Bus resources :

March for Science in Evansvile, Indiana
2:00 pm14:00

March for Science in Evansvile, Indiana

  • The Four Freedoms Monument and along Evansville's Riverfront Evansville IN

We'll meet at the Four Freedoms Monument on Evansville's Riverfront for a Rally in support of Science (list of speakers to follow)! This will be followed by a march to the Civic Center. Please refrain from partisan expression.
Rain or gave us GoreTex, and engineers used Hooke's Law to help design umbrellas!

Water is life #NODAPL
5:00 pm17:00

Water is life #NODAPL

  • Michigan City, Indiana

Greetings water protectors and fellow activists. Due to city regulations and variances, and my own misunderstandings we will not be marching. However, please join us for a sunset vigil at Washington park beach in Michigan city at 5pm. Bring your children, your voices, your signs, your banners. I have several photographers wanting to capture the event, let's show them we love our water. Let's show the world.

#Nodapl Solidarity Day
5:00 pm17:00

#Nodapl Solidarity Day

  • Vigo County Courthouse

It is time we we peacefully gather, in solidarity, with our fellow American's that ask for nothing but basic human rights (clean water), don't deserve to be poisoned and shoved in dog crates, and they don't deserve to have thier ancestors torn apart and desecrated. Everyone would be devestated if they tore up a cemetary. Time to rise up and excercise our constitutional rights. Even if you're a Trump supporter you're welcome. If you believe it's time to kill the Black Snake you're welcome to come. Please join us. We may have a speaker that has actually stood on the front lines and endured being shot by poisen while seeing the inhumane treatment. Please RSVP AND SHARE. Thank you. I know we have a lot of intelligent and good hearted folks here. Let's make our voices be heard!
If you want to represent with beautiful designs created by a Standing Rock Naitive that is fighting hard....check out the link. I am getting the Black Snake Killer hoodie myself. Thanks
*I had to recreate the event because it wouldn't allow me to make it public.*
Disclaimer as well: I am not inciting a riot. I am creating a peaceful show of solidarity and exercising my constitutional rights